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Vehicle Speed Sensor - T3 Syncro

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A vehicle speed sensor designed specifically for VW T3 speedometers that will give the correct road speed signal to the ECU for cruise control purposes.

Fits directly into the back of the speedometer in the factory position

2 models are available, 2WD and 4WD.

Suitable for VW TDI, GTI and Subaru conversion.

Supplied as a 12v unit for Bosch control units however there is a solder bridge on the circuit board that de-soldered to reduce the voltage to 5v for Simos and Subaru ECUs.

The higher price is justified by the extra features the unit sports.

LED to show the unit is operating.
Fused Supply.
Reverse polarity protection.
Temperature monitoring (unit will shut down in the rare even of it becoming too hot)

Not only will this unit supply the ECU the VSS signal it can also be used to feed aftermarket navigation systems as well as aftermarket cruise control systems.

This particular unit will give 4 pulses per speedometer revolution.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number SP-T3-4P
VW Part No 321 907 344
Weight (kg) 0.15
Manufacturer OdoTec
Shipping Restrictions None


£62.22 (Inc VAT)
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