Trailing Arm Bush - T3 / T4 / Alternative

All T3 Models / T4 Inner Only

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Alternative to our OEM bushes.

We're often asked to price match others on bushes and components on eBay, and other webstores.

In every single case where the part is substantially cheaper, there will be no manufacturer information available.

We won't price match OEM bushes to no-name brands.

However, we do accept that there is a market for the lower priced bushes when an OEM part is simply too expensive.

So... if you ask us to price match an "unbranded" trailing arm bush, these are what we'll offer.

Whats the difference between our OEM bushes and these? Not much really, certainly they look very similar.

They're noticeably harder material than the originals, which means that having the correct tool for fitting them is a must.

You pays your money and makes your choice.... 

You may also need a M12x1.5 bolt, 105mm long - See related items below (when available).

Again, don't be fooled by people offering an M12x1.75 bolt. VW used a 1.5 pitch for a reason ;)

Price is per bush, there are 2 bushes per arm. for a T3 (4 per vehicle)

These are also fitted to the T4 rear trailing arms, on the inner end, 2 per vehicle.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3501131A-ALT
VW Part No 251 501 131 A
Weight (kg) 0.25
Manufacturer J P Group Denmark
Shipping Restrictions N/A


£2.88 (Inc VAT)
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