Brickwerks Coronavirus Update
Last update 5th May 2020

Traders and trade prices

We are traders, we expect to pay trade prices for our parts, that's how we make money. If you are a legitimate trader you will qualify for a trade price on our products allowing you to purchase items from us to use in your workshop or sell onto your own customers.

We can drop ship items for you direct to your customer without you having to even see the parts if you so prefer, they will be sent out in plain packaging to a point, we cannot get around the return address that will be printed on the shipping labels.

Obviously we don't just give trade prices to anyone, so there are a few things you need to do to satisfy us that you are indeed a real business and not just some bloke that knocked up a letter head on his PC!

Firstly you need to register on the site by creating an account, then we need....

A real business card.
A real letterhead.
A real 9-5 phone number (not a mobile).

...and just a quick e-mail to tell us your user name so we can find you in the database to enable you for discount.

Our prices are keen, we constantly monitor prices from other online retailers and Internet auction sites, we try to stay competitive wherever possible, we aim to be the most reasonably priced retailer of VW van spares around, with this in mind please be aware that the discounts we offer won't be massive as we are having to compete with back bedroom traders who have an account with a wholesaler and they are selling items with no recourse for very little profit through Internet auction sites.

We also offer a service whereby if you supply us with a product, you also qualify for a discount on our products as a little thank you. We are making money by selling your parts, why shouldn't you benefit from a little discount!

This offer of discount parts will be revoked at any time if we feel it is being misused.

To qualify for trade prices you need to register your details with us by registereing on the webshop first and making sure your details are correct, then bob your business card and letterhead in the post to us, once received and checked out we will enable your account to receive discounts, simple as that.