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Last update 5th May 2020

AAZ - Throtle lever fitting notes

Throttle lever.

  1. Looking at the stack of 2 springs, undo the top M6 (10mm head) bolt, but do not remove it.

  2. Unhook the top spring from it's upper mount, use locking pliers (Mole/Vise grips)

  3. Now remove the M6 bolt fully.

  4. Remove the washer, plastic washer, plastic sleeve, spring and lever, basically everything that is loose.

  5. Unhook the lower spring again with locking pliers.

  6. Remove the 2x Torx30 button headed screws carefully, place one to one side for re-use.

  7. Carefully remove the 10mm hex bar and the thick washer below it.


  9. Lower your new throttle lever down the shaft, it's a good snug fit towards the bottom.

  10. Refit the large washer and the 10mm hex bar, leave bar finger tight.

  11. Refit 1x Torx30 screw to the elongated slot in your new lever, and tighten it somewhere in it's centre adjustment.

  12. Tighten the 10mm hex bar.

  13. Refit the spring to the new throttle lever tab.


Cable holder.

  1. Looking from the flywheel end of the engine towards the pulley end, look at the rear of the injection pump where the 4 injector pipes come from the pump head.

  2. Now, see the top left bolt and the one below it? If no, then you need to remove whatever is in the way, usually a little bracket that holds a wiring connector on, on some models.

  3. Once you can see the holes/bolts, then this is where you bolt on your cable holder.
    Be careful removing the bolt on the top left as they are very tight, if you are using cheap or worn Torx bits you could be in trouble as they round for fun.

  4. Once both bolt holes are free, refit the top left bolt and tighten it finger tight.

  5. If you did have the little bracket bolted on here you will find that your bolt will not go fully home, the bolt will need shortening, so remove it and shorten in a vice with a hacksaw, clean and dress the end with a file.

  6. Using the M6 bolt you have left over from earlier, fit it to the lower hole of the bracket and torque both bolts to 13Nm.


  View of rear of pump showing cable holder bolted into place.



View of rear of pump showing cable holder bolted into place.


Cable fitment and basic adjustment.
  1. On your old throttle levers you will have at least one ball joint left over, they are attached with a 8mm headed nut, remove the nut and ball joint and fit it to your new lever, nut facing upwards.
  2. Fit the throttle cable through the slot in the cable holder and squeeze the grommet into the hole.

  3. Secure the outer of the cable with the OE clip from the T3.

  4. Attach the end of the cable to your new throttle lever.

  5. If you need to make adjustments to the throttle cable these can now be carried out by slightly slackening the 10mm hex bar and the Torx30 on the throttle lever.

  6. With the aid of an assistant, get them to operate the throttle pedal for you to check that the new levers return to their stop and that you can achieve full throttle.


Well done, you just made what can be a messy job a millions times tidier!