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Last update 5th May 2020

T4 LED Rear Light Issues

When fitting LED rear lights to a T4 with a 2.5TDI engine you may encounter the following things.

1. Absolutley nothing.
2. The rear lights glow dimly with the ignition switched on.
3. The engine management light come on.

The reason this happens is that the ECU monitors the brake light circuit by feeding it with a small electrical current, if the ECU detect that the circuit is open (blown bulbs, failed switch, broken wiring) then it will illuminate the engine management warning light.
LED lights by their very nature draw very little current and are very efficient, so by fitting LED lights your ECU may think that your brake light bulbs are blown and switch the light on.
Sometimes the light doesn't come on but the rear lights glow dimly, what you are seeing is the small electrical current from the ECU that it uses to test the circuit manifested in light.

Both issues can be easily remedied by fitting our plug and play resistor pack.
Simple plug in fitment as we use the correct plugs to clip into your back lights.
takes literally seconds to fit with no mechanical or electrical prowess needed, if you can put your mobile phone on charge you can fit this kit.

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