Trailing Arm Kit - T3 / T3 Syncro 14" / Rear / RIGHT

Kit of parts - Please read description in full

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A kit of parts commonly required when replacing the rear Trailing Arm on T3 models.

This kit as configured contains:

  • RIGHT side Trailing arm complete with new bushes fitted.
  • 2x Trailing arm mounting bolt kits (Nuts, Bolts, Washers) Exact spec as original including the correct thread pitch. 10.9 Hi-Tensile
  • 1x Right Side Trailing Arm metal Brake Pipe.
  • 1x Plastic Brake Pipe Retaining Clip.
  • 1x Metal Brake Pipe to Flexi Clip.
  • 4x Bearing Hub to trailing Arm Bolts.
  • 1x Rear Hub Nut.
  • 1x Outer Mountting Bolt Cover.

Please note that all these parts are available seperately on the webshop. This kit is simply a product created from all those parts in one place for ease of ordering.
This means if any of the kit components are out of stock they will show as such in the list below. Any components showing out of stock below will NOT be added to your order, and will not be charged for.

Remember, we havn't seen your vehicle. We dont know the condition of other components such as brake components. So, there may be other stuff required when you do this job. We'd always recommend stripping down before ordering so you know if theres anything else needed.

Quantities in the pre configured bundle below are typical of those required to replace one trailing arm. You can adjust the quantities, or change them to zero if different quantities are required... or none at all.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3501402E-KIT
VW Part No 251 501 402 E
Manufacturer Brickwerks Kit


This kit consists of the following individual parts:

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the items in the kit have a QTY of 0 they are unfortunately out of stock and will not be delivered if ordered.

Product Name Price Qty
Bolt - M12x1.5 / 110mm / Grade 10 / Zinc Flake
£4.66 (Inc VAT)
Washer - T3 / Trailing Arm / Zinc Flake
£0.38 (Inc VAT)
Self Locking Nut - M12x1.5 / Grade 10 / Zinc Flake
£0.49 (Inc VAT)
Trailing Arm - T3 / T3 Syncro 14" / Rear / RIGHT
£259.48 (Inc VAT)
Hub Nut - T3 / Rear
£4.74 (Inc VAT)
Split Pin - T3 Rear Hub
£0.36 (Inc VAT)
Set Screw - M14x1.5 / 30mm / Grade 10
£1.44 (Inc VAT)
Brake Pipe - T3 / Rear / Trailing Arm / Right
£6.62 (Inc VAT)
Brake Pipe Clip - T3 / Trailing Arm | LT / Front to Rear
£1.28 (Inc VAT)
Brake Pipe Retaining Clip
£0.29 (Inc VAT)
Bolt Cover Cap - T3 / Trailing Arm
£1.68 (Inc VAT)
In stock



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