Wishbone Bush - T3 / Upper / OEM

OE bush with nylon sleeve.

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Please note. At the moment we dont recommend fitting these to Syncro models.  A slight change in the spec seems to have occured which means they are a loose fit in the Syncro cast arms. As they are not secured with a spot weld this means the bush can turn in the arm.

They are fine for all 2WD models.

OE (Original equipment, meaning the people who made them made them also made the originals VW fitted to your T3!)

To change these bushes on  a 2WD you will need access to grinding and welding equipment and the wheel alignment will also need to be checked afterwards.

Syncro models omit the welding bit and are a press fit.

2 per wishbone, 4 per vehicle. PRICED SEPARATELY BUT ONLY SOLD IN PAIRS

Click Here for a link to Simon replacing a pair here in the workshop

Syncro owners please note.
The only bushes we have returned are these, and when they are returned they always come from syncro owners.
Please be aware that VW stipulate that there must be no, or very little lateral movement between the bush and the eccentric washer [.5mm to be exact].
VW sold different thickness of eccentric washer to take up the "play" between the bush and the washer.
With 2WD vans the arms are pressed metal and the arm will conform when the securing bolt is tightened, on a Syncro however, the arm is forged and it doesn't bend easily. Having a too larger gap between the bush and the washer will result in the bush being destroyed through use.
We will no longer accept warranty returns for damaged bushes from syncro owners who have not set the bush to washer gap correctly.
We can tell by looking at the bush if this has happened.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3407077-OEM
VW Part No 251 407 077
Weight (kg) 0.3
Manufacturer Lemförder
Shipping Restrictions No


£12.66 (Inc VAT)
Wishbone Bush - T3 / Upper / OEM is available for purchase in increments of 2
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