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Heater Matrix - T3 / Front / Alternative

All water cooled models.

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Replacement Heater Matrix for front heater unit fitted on Watercooled models.

Alternative to our Premium quality matrix (see related items).
Updated design with the more modern style or aluminium fins with plastic housings.

Following issues with previous batches of the all alloy heater cores, these have been manufactured in the same way as more modern cores and dont have any of the issues with those earlier alternatives.
The issue with the earlier alternative cores was that the 2 sides of the end tank where the coolant enters were not completely seperate and allowed some coolant to flow into the core and then straight back out without passing through the galleries. This resulted in very little heat being transferred.
We should point out that we haven't sold any of this type of heater core and it doesn't affect the "premium" all metal core we also sell.

Blurry photo included to show that no light (and therefore no coolant) is passing between the 2 sides of the end tank. Galleries all run the full length of the heater core and back again, and are baffled to promote even coolant flow around the whole matrix.

On the whole a very nice aftermarket part and much closer to the type fitted to newer VW models all of which are well known for their fantastic heaters.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3265303C-ALT
VW Part No 251 265 303 C
Weight (kg) 1.6
Manufacturer J P Group Denmark
Shipping Restrictions No


£68.59 (Inc VAT)
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