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Indicator Stalk - T3 / Cruise Control

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Replacement indicator stalk to fit the T3 models. Suitable for wiring to the ECU for TDI and GTI conversions.

Please read the description in full before ordering. This is not a straightforward fit, however as it is the only stalk available that is remotely similar to the original T3 stalk, we consider it a worthwile addition to our stock.

Firstly, the angle of the stalk is different to the T3 original.
This will position the end of the stalks at around the 10 o'clock position rather than the 9 o'clock position.

Next, the stalk is shorter, it's around 20mm shorter than the original.
Not a big issue in reality and actually an advantage if you run a smaller than standard steering wheel and not actually that bad with a standard wheel especially if you have a Power Steering wheel fitted.

There is no provision for a horn contact. However, the mounting to fit one exists.
It is possible to remove the contact from your existing stalks and carefully swap it over.
To do this you need to insert a small bladed screwdriver up the side of the contact from the underside to release the locking tang. The contact will then push out.
This leaves the black plastic insulator block which will slide out and can be slid back into the same position on the new stalk.
Finally, push the contact back in. You will see the tang that holds it in place has folded back slightly when you pushed it out, you may need to prise it up slightly so it locks in place again in the new stalks.

Lastly, as this is originally for a completely different vehicle, there are 3 extra mounting tangs that you will need to remove before fitting. We suggest carefully removing with a small grinding wheel or similar.

There you have it. Please don't buy this item expecting it to be a straight bolt on fit.
Also by buying it, you accept that any warranty from the manufacturer will be void as soon as you modify it. That said we are confident there won't be any issues with the stalks as they are an original part from the same manufacturer as VW used for the factory stalks... just don't expect a replacement when the grinder slips and you chop through the wires :D

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3953513C013
VW Part No No
Weight (kg) 0.5
Manufacturer No
Shipping Restrictions No


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