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Bulb - T3 / Dashboard Illumination / REPAIR

NOT direct replacement.

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Now... listen up.
These are not standard direct replacement dash bulbs.
If you want those, go directly to the "Related Items" at the bottom of the page for our brighter than standard 2W bulbs...

Still here?

Sometimes, we get a T3 in the workshop for repair and one of its minor issues will be the lack of dashboard illumination.
A lot of the time this can be sorted with new bulbs, but sometimes its a dash PCB issue.
In the latter case its sometimes simpler in the short term to take the PCB out of the circuit and wire straight to the bulbs...

And thats what we use these for. Simple. 2 wires direct to the bulbs. One to earth, the other to the dash illumination wiring before the plug. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3919040-REP
VW Part No 431 919 040
Weight (kg) 0.05
Manufacturer Aftermarket
Shipping Restrictions No


£1.44 (Inc VAT)
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