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Suspension Levelling Shim Set - T3

Correct that Westy Lean.

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Another Brickwerks exclusive!

Basically, in camper conversions you tend to get a lot of weight down one side of the vehicle, the driver, the cupboards, the fridge, the water tank, the waste tank, the gas tank... you get the picture, all the heavy stuff on one side, next to nothing on the other.
So, as you can imagine a lot of time Campers tend to lean to one side as that's where all the weight is.
The lean becomes more noticeable once the vehicle is lowered as all those straight lines of the bumpers get closer to the road.
Our plan of attack was to shim up one side of the suspension to try to jack the van back to where it should be using a bit of maths and some good old Yorkshire engineering (trial and error!)

So, what we have come up with are 2 CNC Machined aluminium shims to fit above your springs.
The front shim is shaped such that it attaches to the rubber spring insulator and fits between the insulator and the vehicle body, it is designed so that the spring, or insulator cannot become dislodged easily.
The rear shim again fits between the van body and the upper spring insulator, it has a flat side to face the wheel for those with uber wide rear wheels as not to catch the tyre, or if body modification has taken place to clear the wheels these shims will still fit!
The shims are sold as a kit, one front, one rear.
As stated they are made from CNC Machined Aluminium, anodized satin black

Now, all vans are different, we have tried to make them where they will be suitable for everyone.
We have trialed these sets on our own vehicles, and customers with good results ranging from millimeter perfect to still down by about 5mm on the drivers side to 5mm or so up on the drivers side.
What we are trying to say is that producing a product that will make every van out there millimeter perfect is not going to happen, so, that said these shims are a compromised, but hey, it's gonna be a load better than it was!!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number WestyShims
VW Part No No
Weight (kg) 1.45
Manufacturer T3 Tuning
Shipping Restrictions No


£78.37 (Inc VAT)
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Camper now on the level.
The shimsTurned up at 12:36 all fitted by 14:15 sorted the problem out the van is now level the shims are machined well, fit well, and fairly simple to fit. Review by LEE / (Posted on 23/09/2016)