Suspension Kit - T3 / -50mm / AVO

All 2WD T3 models 1980-92

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A complete suspension kit compromising of 4x -50mm springs and 4 AVO adjustable dampers.

These springs when fitted should give around a 50mm drop to a Multivan/Caravelle, and a bit more on a camper.

These springs are perfect for camper vans giving a nice ride, better handling, less buffeting on the motorways, less wandering and more to the point - better looks!

Please bare in mind when buying this set that ourselves have worked alongside AVO in making this kit what it is today. Brickwerks have worked closely with AVO to make this fantastic kit even better.

This kit is designed to make use of the original bump stops, so no new members of the curly arch club! [be aware that the product picture for this item may show the front dampers having upper mounts fitted, your dampers will not come with upper mounts and the original bump stop must be used. If your T3 was a commercial i.e badged as a transporter then you will need to shorten your 5 rib bump stop to 3 visible ribs] More on shortening bumpstops here

We have had input into both the dampers and the springs and are the biggest supplier of T3 AVO suspension products worldwide selling 95% of their total T3 kits sold. The AVO T3 suspension parts are one of AVO's most popular product lines if not their biggest seller.

With that in mind, if you have any questions at all about this kit please don't hesitate to ring or drop us an e-mail to answer your quandries, we set them up so we know what their is to know about them!

Also please note that as usual, we are willing to price match any genuine company.

Postage to mainland europe not a problem, please mail for a quote.

Postage is included in this price. 

Tom Greers Westy California pop top fitted with AVO -50mm springs.


Van lowered at Brickwerks HQ also using brickwerks leveling shims. Wheels fitted are VW "Atiwe" pepperpots as fitted to T3's as an option. Van also had Powerflex Poly bushes fitted to the steering rack.

Please note that this price includes delivery to UK.
These items have the postage priced worked out in the price as they are drop shipped from AVO direct to you.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number RS95-700[BW]
VW Part No No
Weight (kg) 0.1
Manufacturer AVO
Shipping Restrictions None Stock - Drop Shipped


£510.00 (Inc VAT)

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Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

WICKED, but not but on a Cheetah
fitted these to my karmann Cheetah. The ride comfort is perfect ( on Stock Wheels and tyres) and has now lost its boat like handling. I would recommend these to anybody.

Think I've got the shocks turned all the way up and back 2/3 turns. love the ride but not keen on what its done to the look of my van. As I have a lot of weight to my van i'm contemplating getting some spacers to lift the back of the van up again or going back to the standard spring as the van now has a saggy backside meaning im no way near acheiving a slammed look. Review by kai / (Posted on 01/08/2014)