Brickwerks Coronavirus Update
Last update 5th May 2020

We often get emails asking us to inform customers when a product becomes available to buy, the website already has this functionaliy built in but for some reason they are reluctant to use it.

There is nothing wrong with the system, we don't save email addresses and start spamming you, you really will just get an email when the product you're interested in is ready to purchase!

On the desktop site there are 2 things you could see, one page if you are logged in as an exsisting customer and another if you aren't logged in.

If you have bought from us before and you are already logged into the site then this is what you will see, simply click the link and you'll get confirmation that you have been subscribed to stock notifications.

Stock Notification logged in


If you aren't logged in then you will see this...

Stock Notify Not Logged In


..simply add your email address to the box and again and click "Subscribe" and you're done!