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Stainless Steel Exhaust kit - T3 / WBX / 2WD / 1.9l & 2.1l

2 Wheel Drive Petrol (Waterboxer) models. 1985 - 1992.

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A complete set of exhaust pipes and fittings for 1985 on 2 Wheel Drive T3's

Set includes everything you need, silencer, cast knuckle, gaskets, nuts, bolts, washers, olives, the lot.

Buy the kit, fit the kit. This assumes your Head studs/bolts are good. No exhaust studs/bolts are included.

All exhaust parts are stainless steel except the Cast Knuckle.

No messing on Sunday afternoon trying to find a somewhere open to get a new nut, the kit has the lot.

High quality fittings supplied, proper thick copper coated exhaust split nuts, stainless steel bolts and washers used where appropriate.

This kit is suitable for DG, DJ,MV and SS 2.1l engines, and has provision for lambda probe.
For applications with no Lambda Probe, you'll need to blank the lambda port - see related items for the M18 bung.

Kit supplied with big bore polished stainless tailpipe.

Please note that for DG engines that there is no provision for warm air feed for the air-box, but in all fairness they are always rotten anyway and it doesn't seem to bother them running without.

Please read the extra terms and conditions for stainless exhausts here.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number PXVW-WBX-2WD
VW Part No No
Manufacturer T3 Tuning


This kit consists of the following individual parts:

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the items in the kit have a QTY of 0 they are unfortunately out of stock and will not be delivered if ordered.

Product Name Price
Exhaust Nut - M8x1.25 / SW12 / Copper Coated / Flanged
£0.42 (Inc VAT)
Exhaust Manifold Pipes - T3 / WBX / Late / 2WD / 1&3 / Stainless
£186.55 (Inc VAT)
Exhaust Manifold Pipes - T3 / WBX / Late / 2&4 / Stainless
£176.27 (Inc VAT)
Cast Knuckle - T3 / WBX / Alternative
£44.35 (Inc VAT)
Intermediate Pipe - T3 / WBX / Stainless
£94.63 (Inc VAT)
Exhaust Silencer - T3 / WBX / Late / Stainless
£255.11 (Inc VAT)
Exhaust Tailpipe - T3 / WBX / Late / Stainless / Big Bore
£52.08 (Inc VAT)
Exhaust Gasket - T3 / WBX
£3.66 (Inc VAT)
Exhaust Sealing Olive - T3 / WBX
£1.44 (Inc VAT)
Tailpipe Gasket - T3 Petrol / Diesel
£1.02 (Inc VAT)
Washer - M8 / Form A / A2
£0.02 (Inc VAT)
Set Screw - M8x1.25 / 30mm / 8.8 / ZFL
£0.10 (Inc VAT)
Socket Head Cap Screw - M8x1.25 / 45mm / A2
£0.58 (Inc VAT)
Socket Head Cap Screw - M8x1.25 / 35mm / A2
£0.48 (Inc VAT)
Socket Head Cap Screw - M8x1.25 / 25mm / A2
£0.48 (Inc VAT)
Out of stock



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