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Gearbox Mounting - T3 / Manual / Aircooled & 1.9l WBX / Powerflex

Product Review (submitted on 22 May 2013):
I'd been getting some judder when pulling off for a couple of years and could push the front of the gearbox up about 1cm by hand but never seemed to have £150 spare for a genuine mount from VW, I bought the powerflex one 6 months ago and it's been sat in the garage till last weekend... Why did I wait? I managed to change the mount in about 1.5 hours, including tarting up the metal section with some paint, and wow what a difference it's made, idle is smoother as the engine isn't shaking about, It pulls off much more smoothly (and I can get a bit of wheelspin on damp roads) but best of all is the effect its had on the gearchange, no more stirring porridge just nice clean shifts.
Lie under your van, try to move the front of the gearbox, if it moves buy this mount and change it!