Seat Belt Kit - T3 / Rear / Right

Includes belt and bracket.
Right is the right of the van as you are sat in the drivers seat.

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A Brickwerks exclusive.
Over engineered in house!

A 4mm zinc plated steel bracket that attaches to the factory holes to allow discreet fitment of a 3 point seat belt to the rear of a T3.

Supplied with bolts and washers to attach the bracket to the body, and a automatic retracting quality seat belt.
It has a webbing buckle.
Kit is also supplied with a fitting kit to attach the belt to the body, there's plenty of bolts, washers and spacers to suit your application.

We have taken design hints from VW and over engineered them to produce this bracket which will allow fitment of universal type seat-belts into the space where VW intended the belts to go, behind the panel, so no nasty intrusions into your bed space and no chance of damage due to flying push chairs and beer cans!
Plus, the mechanism is less likely to get jammed up with fluff and half eaten boiled sweets.
The mounting bracket has been tested by a highly regarded seat-belt manufacturer to determine it's suitability for the job and this bracket complies with ECE R14.
A copy of the test results is available upon request.
Initially this kit was designed for Westfalia models, all of which came with seat-belt mountings already in the body of the van.
Lots of UK camper conversions are based on vehicles that left the factory as delivery vans.
Delivery vans do not have seat-belt mountings already in the body, so you will need to order 3x "Seat Belt Repair" plates if you are fitting to a vehicle which started life as a panel van (see related items).

Rule of thumb...

If you vehicle has factory windows in the rear (Models 253, 254, 255 and 256) then your van will have seat-belt mounts.

If your camper left the factory as a Panel van (Kastenwagen, type 251 or 252) then you will need 3 extra mounting plates as listed below in the related products.

Also, for Westfalia models you will need some small rivets to re-attach the interior panels as the press studs for the rear mosquito net, we do stock these, again, in the related items - you will require 3 for each side.

Yes, it's expensive, but it works!

The belts we now supply are of a much higher quality than the older versions, and much longer too.
The belts are designed to be mounted at a slight angle (8°) but are taken from another application.

Left is the left of the vehicle as you are sat in the drivers seat.

Picture of installed bracket and belt.




Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3-857816D
VW Part No 253 857 816 D
Weight (kg) 1.8
Manufacturer Brickwerks
Shipping Restrictions No


£80.35 (Inc VAT)
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