Brickwerks Coronavirus Update
Last update 5th May 2020

  Phone calls

The whole idea of a webshop was to cut down the amount of phone calls we get, phone calls disrupt the day to day operation of thebusiness as they take us away from our work. We are not a huge company that employ people to sit on the phone answering questions.

For this reason at the start of 2017 we made the decision to remove our phone number completely from the webshop. To all intents and purposes we don't have a contact number.
We have a phone, if it rings and we're doing anything else (which in a busy office is almost all of the time) it won't be answered.

If you Google "Brickwerks Phone Number" Google will helpfully provide you with a non existant number. It's not our number...

We don't take orders over the phone at all. It's not something we have ever really done, and not something we plan to do in the future.

All enquiries should be through email.