EGR Block off kit - VW

Priced and sold as 1 plate and 1 gasket

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EGR, Exhaust Gas Re circulation is a process where under certain engine conditions your vehicles ECU opens a passage between your exhaust and your inlet manifold.
This allows your engine to ingest spent exhaust gasses.
The reason for this is to reduce exhaust emissions.
Great idea in principle, run the engine, burn the fuel, then re-burn it to clean the output of the engine up.
What really happens is that if you don't drive your vehicle energetically enough you end up with sooty, oily deposits slowly clogging up your inlet manifold, which is not good for the longevity of your engine, your fuel economy, performance or the amount of smoke your vehicle creates.
What this product does is basically block off this flow of exhaust gas into your inlet manifold.
It is made from 1mm stainless steel so it will not warp, disintegrate or melt, it is supplied with 1 gasket as there is already one fitted to the vehicle and the gaskets rarely tear, supplying 2 gaskets would make the kit more expensive that it needs to be.
The gasket supplied is of the correct material that again will not disintegrate.

Strictly speaking this item probably isn't legal for road use, we've got to tell you that, but... who is ever gunna know?
I have to say that it's for off road use only, if you use it on the road, thats up to you.

Although this block off plate is designed and commissioned for use on VW T4 models you find that VW interchange parts between vehicles quite often, upon checking the part number of the gasket we found that this part will fit the majority of VW Diesel engines.
If you decide to buy for another vehicle we can't verify that it will fit, but you are welcome to return it for a refund.
A admin charge of £1 will be levied upon return.

Known to fit.
T4 2.5TDI (all engine codes, AJT, ACV etc..)
T4 1.9TD (ABL)
T5 1.9TDI
T5 2.5 TDI
Golf/Passat/Vento/A4/A6 etc with 1Z or AFN engine

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number EGR-KIT
VW Part No No
Manufacturer Brickwerks Kit


This kit consists of the following individual parts:

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the items in the kit have a QTY of 0 they are unfortunately out of stock and will not be delivered if ordered.

Product Name Price Qty
EGR Block Off Plate
£2.93 (Inc VAT)
Gasket - VW / EGR
£2.54 (Inc VAT)
In stock



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