Ignition Amplifier - T3 / Caddy / Genuine

Ignition module/Black box/TCI control unit

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Genuine VW Parts.

It may seem strange that these are half the price of the Beru alternatives we sell, especially when you consider what VW sell them at...
However we were offered a large number as a stock clearance so whilst the price was good... when they're gone they're gone.

Basically we got them at a good price, so you get them at a good price too!

Often called...
TCI control unit
TZH control unit.
Black box.
Ignition amp.
Ignition control unit.
Ignition module.

So many names for the same thing.
All it does is read the signal from the Hall sensor in the distributor and amplify it to a level that the ignition coil can use.
They often fail, sometimes they give warning they are going with misfires and the like.
They ain't cheap, so make sure yours is defiantly faulty before you buy one as you can't send it back!
Remember we are a repair workshop as well as a webshop! we know what goes on in some garages and we ain't in the habit of sending out parts for people to try before they buy, especially with sensitive electronics.
If your not sure, don't buy, simple as.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number 191905351B
VW Part No 191 905 351 B; 191 905 351 A
Weight (kg) 0.2
Manufacturer VW
Shipping Restrictions No


£24.00 (Inc VAT)
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