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Last update 5th May 2020

Oil Feed Pipe - T3 "JX" Engine

In an attempt to keep costs down, and to make our life simpler the oil feed pipe for the T3 with 1.6TD JX engine fitted are supplied in kit form.

The kit consists of.

1x Turbo oil feed pipe.
1x P Clip
2x Sealing olives
2x Tube nuts


1. Remove the old pipe.
2. Slide the tube nut and sealing olive onto the pipe as shown in the diagram.
3. Fit the pipe loosely into place.
4. Push the pipe into the threaded adapter screwed into the oil filter housing and into the turbo.
5. Slide the olive and nut down onto the threads of the threaded adapter and tighten finger tight.
6. Using a 17mm spanner tighten up the tube nut while keeping the pipe pressed into the threaded adapter.
7. Tighten tube nut enough to cause the sealing olive to crimp onto the pipe.
8. Undo tube nut and make sure the olive has gripped the pipe.
9. Re assemble.
10. Repeat for other end of pipe.
11. Secure the pipe to the cylinder head using the P clip supplied onto the water housing to the rear of the cylinder head.



Please make sure that the pipe is secured with the P clip, or the pipe will break in super quick time, no warranty returns will be entertained if the P clip has not been used (remember, we aren't stupid, we will be able to tell!)

It would be wise to blow the fresh pipe out with compressed air before fitment to dislodge any swarf remaining from production or any packing materials, fluff, boiled sweets, conkers etc that may have made their way in during transit.

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