Mail Order

How postage is calculated

Every item we sell has been weighed, the webshop has details of the weight of each item.

As you add items to your basket the webshop automatically calculates the weight of the package, then when you check out this weight is referred to a list of postage rates per weight and desitination.

Depending on the weight of your package and the desitination the services offered will either be;

  • Royal mail
  • UPS

There may be a small packing fee added to cover packing costs.

For Export orders there will be various other shipping options from the Royal Mail and other International Courier services.

You can get a shipping quote without commiting to buy by starting the check out process.



Because we are VAT registered we have to charge VAT on postage even though we are not charged VAT when we purchase the service for you.

The post office does not charge VAT on services direct to the customer. This is due to how our tax laws work, basically, by re-selling the Post Offices services we are in effect offering a postage service to you, the customer, of which you are liable for the VAT.

It's not our rules, it's HMRC's, and when it comes to VAT rules is rules I'm afraid.


Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a process where once you have ordered the goods you may be sent your items directly from the wholesaler, manufacturer or UK agent.

There are a few reasons for this process.

  • It's cheaper, rather than us pay postage (increasing the cost) to our warehouse, the postage charged is for one journey, from them to you.
  • Postal rates from the wholesaler/manufacturer/agent will be better than ours as they deal in much larger quantities.
  • It's better for the environment as your parts have to travel less road miles, cutting down on road traffic and exhaust emissions.

Please note, at least one of each of the items listed on the website as "drop shipped"  is usually kept at one of our premises, for local collection (please ring and arrange first), for workshop use, or emergency supply when manufacturer/wholesaler/agent does not have stock.

Items likely to be "Drop Shipped" are larger things like suspension springs and dampers.

By offering drop shipping we are keeping the prices down to you.


When to expect delivery

Mail order is processed daily, on a morning.

All orders are to be placed online using the webshop. If you wish to collect from our premises please order online but use the "COLLECTION ONLY" shipping method, this way you will not be charged shipping and your order should be ready for you to collect upon arrival saving you time. Please do not come to collect parts before you have been notified that the order is "Complete"

In the morning, usually around 9pm the website is checked and orders that have been paid for are upgraded to "Printed, being packed" this means we have read the order and printed your invoice and picking slip and we are picking the parts and boxing them up.

Once the order is boxed the order will be marked as "Complete" and a shipping label generated, the parts will leave that evening.

We aim to ship all orders that are on the system shipped in the same day wherever possible. It doesnt always happen this way, but thats what we aim for.
Orders generally leave early afternoon. Once we have processed the orders from the morning we will then go back and process any orders that have come in since we processed the first batch that morning.

Obviously we cant keep sending packages out all day as our courier vans arrive anywhere from 14:30 onwards so we have to have a cut off time of 2pm to get a delivery out of the door same day.

If we can get them out the same day, we will. 

e.g. Order placed Monday night.

Order printed and picked Tuesday morning.
Order shipped Tuesday lunch time.
Depending on weight and service selected, and your local post office the item should turn up anywhere from Wednesday onwards.

Expect 1-2 days from being sent for Royal Mail Tracked 24 within the UK
Expect 1-2 days from being sent for UPS within the UK


Notes about Shipping Options.

On checkout you'll get a few options depending on your area, and weight of the order.
Its likely there will be a Royal Mail option and a UPS option.
Generally for larger items the Royal Mail options will be much more expensive than UPS.
This is the Royal Mails pricing structure, you might be mistaken for believing that the Royal Mail option would be quicker because its more expensive.
This usually wouldn't be the case, and generally the UPS option would be the quickest 99% of the time. 

UPS rates can be a little confusing... we know!
Basically for UK deliveries there will be "UPS Standard", which is their normal Next Day (to most of the UK) delivery. Fast, Efficient, and Reliable. Which is why we use them.
Then, there will possibly be more expensive options. The more expensive, the fast it gets. So you may have an "Express Saver" option available, which is Next Day AM delivery.
You may also get an even more expensive "UPS Express Option" which is before 10am.
For export orders, it changes a little. Its generally 3-5 days for standard, and this moves up to next day for some areas for the most expensive option.
Not all optins will be available for all areas. And if you live on an Island, in the Highlands of Scotland, or in any remote area, there may not be a next day option at all.

For UPS we need to have collection labelled and ready for around Midday to get next day delivery, so any orders for next day delivery must be in before Midday as we need time to pick and pack your items before we miss the collection. Orders that come after this we'll do our best, but get it in early if you're in a hurry.

Remember this is next WORKING day, so there are no Saturday deliveries, orders placed after Midday on Fridays won't be packed and sent before Monday, for a Tuesday delivery.

UPS Delivery, whilst described as "Next Day" is not a guaranteed service. In fairness, probably 99% of our UPS parcels are delivered next working day, but we have no control what happens after it leaves.


Additional notes during checkout

During the checkout process you have the chance to add notes to be read by whoever picks your order. We find a lot of people saying "leave parcel behind the bin" and things like that. We will never print these onto the package!

We use Royal Mail, we have very few problems with them, we don't have packages going missing, it just doesn't happen.

By ordering from us we have entered into a contract, we have to supply you parts that you have paid for, by printing notes like "leave parcel in shed" we as a company are leaving ourselves open for mistakes and losses, which we simply cannot afford.

Yes, it may be an inconvenience for you to go to the Post Office to collect your parts but you will get them, if parts are to be left where you ask them to be left they could be lost/stolen and neither us nor you want that.

So, what we are saying is don't bother writing notes like that as you are just wasting your time, you have the ability to select a different shipping and billing address, you would be better getting your orders sent to work or a friend’s etc. as it is easier all around and less likely to be open to abuse.
In addition to this, if we did add these comments and the parcel was lost or stolen we will be unable to claim from the shipping insurance provided by UPS.

Phone calls

The whole idea of a webshop was to cut down the amount of phone calls we get, phone calls disrupt the day to day operation of thebusiness as they take us away from our work. We are not a huge company that employ people to sit on the phone answering questions.

The idea of the webshop is to take the ordering side away from the phone to allow us to get on with day to day business.

We are not saying do not ring, quite the contrary, if you need help or advice about any of our products don't hesitate to pick up the phone and have a quick chat about your options but then orders must be placed online.


Traders and trade prices

We are traders, we expect to pay trade prices for our parts, that's how we make money. If you are a legitimate trader you will qualify for a trade price on our products allowing you to purchase items from us to use in your workshop or sell onto your own customers.

We can drop ship items for you direct to your customer without you having to even see the parts if you so prefer, they will be sent out in plain packaging to a point, we cannot get around the return address that will be printed on the shipping labels.

Obviously we don't just give trade prices to anyone, so there are a few things you need to do to satisfy us that you are indeed a real business and not just some bloke that knocked up a letter head on his PC!

Firstly you need to register on the site by creating an account, then we need....

A real business card.
A real letterhead.
A real 9-5 phone number (not a mobile).

...and just a quick e-mail to tell us your user name so we can find you in the database to enable you for discount.

Our prices are keen, we constantly monitor prices from other online retailers and Internet auction sites, we try to stay competitive wherever possible, we aim to be the most reasonably priced retailer of VW van spares around, with this in mind please be aware that the discounts we offer won't be massive as we are having to compete with back bedroom traders who have an account with a wholesaler and they are selling items with no recourse for very little profit through Internet auction sites.

We also offer a service whereby if you supply us with a product, you also qualify for a discount on our products as a little thank you. We are making money by selling your parts, why shouldn't you benefit from a little discount!

This offer of discount parts will be revoked at any time if we feel it is being misused.

To qualify for trade prices you need to register your details with us by logging into the site and making sure your details are correct, then bob your business card and letterhead in the post to us, once received and checked out we will enable your account to receive discounts, simple as that.


Club Discount

We offer various discount schemes to members of a couple of clubs/forums. Details of applying for this discount can be found on the respective forums.
This is a webshop discount only, and does not apply to over the counter.
The Webshop discount is exactly that. If you order and pay through the webshop, and the discount has been applied to your account you will recieve the discount.
We cannot apply discount to orders in retrospect, you need to be set up for discount BEFORE you order.
We cannot apply a discount if youre not registered. You must be registered first.

Details of the requirements for discount are on the respective forums. We offer this discount as a "thankyou" for your involvement in the communities and will not apply the discount just for asking.

On a similar note, we dont do "deals for cash", exchange parts for livestock or crops or sexual favours. We leave the haggling to the car boot sales.
Nor will we assist in tax evasion by stating the value of items we ship lower than they actually are, so please dont ask. 


Returning parts

If for any reason you need to return something to us, be it a core unit for surcharge, something you no longer need, or something we have sent wrong/damaged etc. then we would be grateful if you would fill out a returns note to help us speed up processing your return.

If there is obvious damage to a package please sign for it as such, or refuse completely if you suspect its condition suggests the contents will be damaged. If you can email us photos as the package arrived and of the damaged contents this will help us to replace it quickly. In the case of UPS, they will arrange collection of the damaged item and will require all of  the original packaging. Please don’t send anything damaged in transit back without contacting us first as their insurance will not cover your return expenses.

Returns can be initiated through your account, by the returns link at the top of every page or by clicking here RETURNS.