Local Dialect

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addle earn
allus always
am bahn I'm leaving
appen perhaps
appy as a pig in sh*t very happy, content with oneself
a*se over t*t head over tail
aye yes
b'aht without
bad 'un no good
badly not in a good state of health, i.e.'How's Martha?', 'She's badly.'
bagsey childhood term, i.e. 'bagsey my turn!'
bairn child
bait snack
bait, bait box snack / packed lunch
be reyt it'll be alright
belt hit, thrash
best y'do see that you do
beuwer Unactractive girl
black as ace a'spades very dirty
black bright very dirty
blubberin crying
bog toilet
bonce head
bonny pretty
bracken ferns
bray/braying beating e.g. "you'll get a good braying" or "I'll bray you"
britches trousers, knickers
budge, budge up move, move up
buggerlugs endearing term for a cheeky child
butty, butties sandwich, sandwiches
cack-handed left-handed, clumsy
callin’ talking or gossiping
can't be ars*d can't be bothered
champion excellent
chelpin' talking
chippy, chip 'ole fish and chip shop
chuckin(g) y'guts up being sick
chuddy chewing gum
chuffed pleased, excited
clout cloth or slap
cole 'ole coal cellar
couldn't organise a p*** up in a brewery. badly organised, can't do anything right
courtin’ going out with, dating.
coyt coat
daft as a boat horse stupid
daft as a brush stupid
daft as a posser 'ed stupid
dale valley
delve dig
down't (road) down the (road)
dunt don't, doesn't.
ead head
eck hell
eeh by gum oh my God
ey up Hello, look out, be careful
faffing messing about
fair t' middlin fair to middling, in the middle
famished hungry, starving
fast stuck
fettle to tidy/mend
flaggin’ getting tired
flags paving stones
flippin 'eck (flipping heck) exclamation of shock and surprise
flit move house
flitin' moving house, Doing a flit. Midnight flit – moving without telling anyone.
flower term of endearment, “Alright flower?”
flummox, flummoxed confuse, puzzle, confused
frame get a move on
fratch quarrel
friggin' a curse
frozzed, frozn referring to face or fingers being very cold
gaffer boss
gander look at
gassin talking, usually when you should be working
gear items, things
gi' over give over, stop it
ginnell Alleyway between houses.
gip, gipping retch, retching
giz, gizza, gizzyer give, give us, give your
good 'un good one
goodies sweets
goosegog gooseberry
gradley grand
guff fart
gunna going to
ham fisted clumsy
hell fire! goodness me!
in a bit bye
in't in the
jammy very lucky
jiggered very tired
kayli sherbert
kaylied drunk
keks trousers/underwear
kiddin(g) telling a fib, joking
Laik, laikin Play, Playing (i.e. "Is your Lesley coming out to laik?")
lass girl/young woman/wife
lavvy Lavatory, Toilet
leg throw
lig, ligging Lay, laying
lug, lug'ole ear, ear hole
manky not nice, unpleasant
mardy moody, sulky, stroppy
mashin’ a brew of tea
maungy spoilt or peevish
midden outside toilet (usually earth closet) dungheap, rubbish tip
middlin’ moderate, average
mind watch out for
minging horrible, unpleasant
missen Myself e.g. "I'll do it missen"
mithered, mitherin(g) irritated with something, as in "stop mitherin' me" is "stop bothering/irritating me".
moff I'm Off, I'm leaving
monk on to be grumpy, to have a sulky face
more brass n'brains more money than sense
mun must, will
mungry I'm hungry
munt mustn't
narky moody, sulky, stroppy, (mardy)
near as makes n'matter close enough
neb nose
neither use nor ornament expression of disapproval; useless
nesh cold. Often exclaimation that an individual is 'soft' for feeling the cold or term of mild abuse e.g. "nesh southerners!"
nobbut Nothing but
not back'ard at comin' for'ard (not backward at coming forward) pushy person, Overconfident.
not enough room to swing a cat very small room, cramped
nouse sense
now then hello
nowt nothing
oh aye?! oh really?!
ovver over
ow do Greeting, how do, how do you do.
owt anything
pack it in stop it
paggered knackered e.g. "I'm completely paggered" or "I've just paggered my dad's car"
parkin ginger cake made with oats
parky chilly, cold
pawse kick
playin’ pop telling someone off
podgy fat or chubby person
pop fizzy drink
pot washin' washing up
put wood in't ole shut the door
puvverin Pouring, as in smoke “Smoke wer puvverin aat”, Smoke was pouring out.
rack a't eye By the rack of the eye, judgement by eye of accuracy of lengths etc
radged Mad, angry
ratty grumpy
real good or outstanding
reckon think
reeks smells horrible
reight right
rive tear up or split
rum'n Cheeky/bit of a character e.g. "He's a rum'n", a rum one.
s*** with sugar on over-elaborate, posh food
sarnies sandwiches
Scarborough Warning bad behaviour that will result in a punishment, i.e. "You better watch it, you're on a Scarborough warning young lady".
scran food
scrodger Screwdriver
seethee do you see? Understrand (often used at the end of a sentence)
sh' in't in she isn't in
shuft up make more room (when sat together)
side/ side the pots clear/ clear the table
silin’ raining heavily
sithee goodbye (see thee)
slart splash
snap food
sneck iron door latch or nose
snicket small alleyway or footpath, a short cut.
spell splinter of wood in the skin
spice sweets
spoggs sweets
sprog child
spuggy sparrow
stair rods, p*ssing stair rods heavy rain.
stalled out of patience, fed up
strand shore
suited pleased
summat something
sup drink
sup up drink up
ta thanks
tarra bye
tek take
thee, tha you
think on remember
thissen yourself
throng Commotion
throng on very busy
Tyke Yorkshireman, woman or dog - not always complimentary
un one
underdrawin' loft (in a house)
utch up make more room (when sat together)
vexed angry
waint won't
wang throw
watter water
well, I'll go to't foot of't stairs/ I'll go to our house expression of amazement
were ya born in a barn? you've left the door open: close it!
where's it at? where is it?
while until e.g. "I'm working while seven"
wick alive or lively
yon, yonder over there