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Inlet Kit - T3 / GTI

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A set of parts to finish the inlet tract off when fitting a 2.0l "AGG" engine to a T3.

Kit includes.
Silicone elbow.
2x Hose Clips.
Mounting plate for air filter.
K&N Apollo Air filter housing, filter and adaptor piece.
Stainless Steel hardware.

Fitting a 2.0l 4 cylinder inline engine from the mid nineties is a decent option for when your engine goes pop as it can be fitted with the standard factory Diesel mountings, sump etc and to be fair it's a pretty good choice as engines are inexpensive, easy to find and if driven right they can be reasonably economical (Expect mid 20's)

One part of the conversion that has always been a bit of a compromise is the inlet tract with so many people having so many different ideas it can be a little bit of a minefield for the amateur mechanic to design on a solution for their own conversion. 

To us, running drainpipes (yep, drainpipes!) across the rear panel is not an option, not only does it look terrible it creates more problems than it solves. Things like having to ditch or relocate the coolant over flow tank, then having to turn the battery sideways to get said drain pipe to the right hand rear corner are simply not options for us.

Our solution neatly mounts a K&N Apollo air filter behind the left hand rear light and suits all models 2WD, Syncro, Van models as well as pick up versions and can be connected to the original factory snorkel.

To make one kit to suit all variants out of the box is nigh on impossible, we found when trying this kit on different vehicles is that the mounting height of the engine can vary so supplying a bracket to steady the airbox is impractical, you may have to make a small bracket to secure the airbox depending on if it's connected to the snorkel or not. There are plenty of fittings around the circumferance to attach a bracket to should you feel the need.

The silicone hose is pretty self explanatory and connects to the factory breather stub so no messing about with the breather, it simply plugs straight in.
This is not a part taken from another vehicle, this is a hose made for the job.
Concerns were raised during development that the hose would fill with oil mist and sludge but these theories were disproved during testing and the oil mist and sludge other owners reported to us are more of a reflection on the state of their engine and not on the position of the breather.
If you engine is in poor health and breathing a little heavier than it should then there is space to run the breather to an external breather tank but that's just a sticking plaster on the problem. That said the hose has a fluro liner so even if there is some oil misting inside the hose then it will not deteriorate the silicone and should not suffer any oil sweating.

The K&N Apollo air filter gives good performance and can be connected to the original factory Diesel snorkel down the left hand rear pillar so not only great for the syncro owners amongst you it's also good for drawing nice cool fresh air from behind the rear vents, connecting to the snorkel also acts as a baffle to keep the induction noise to a minimum.
The filter is supplied with a small adaptor piece that reduces down the size of the intake, again, K&N never designed this piece to interface perfectly with a T3 snorkel so again there is a little trimming and bonding to do but hey, you're not an idiot, you've just swapped an engine on your drive right?!
Obviously you can leave the adaptor off and increase the diameter of the inlet tract, you'll gain a little more power this way but also increase induction noise, choice is yours!
The last remaining hurdle is the mounting of the Intake Air Temperature Sensor, we have had good results by drilling the filter housing, fitting a cable grommet and push fitting the IAT there.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number K00002
VW Part No No
Weight (kg) 5
Manufacturer T3 Tuning
Shipping Restrictions None


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