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Last update 5th May 2020

GW Engine Data

Engine code GW
Capacity 1913cc³
Number of cylinders/type 4/overhead valve
Production run 10/1983 - 7/1985
Output 66kW - 90bhp DIN @ 4600RPM
Torque 147Nm @ 2800 RPM.
Bore 94 mm
Stroke 68.9 mm
Compression ratio 8.6:1
Minimum octane rating 98 RON
Ignition system transistorized hall effect
Trigger location distributor
Fuel system Bosch
Type Digijet.
Valve timing at 1mm lift.  
Inlet opens 5° BTDC
Inlet closes 34° ABDC
Exhaust opens. 38° BBDC
Exhaust closes. 4°ATDC
Valve dimensions.  
Inlet head diameter. 40 mm
Inlet stem diameter. 7.96 - 7.97 mm
Inlet overall length. 122.5 mm
Inlet valve seating face angle. 45°
Exhaust head diameter 34mm
Exhaust stem diameter 8.91 - 8.92 mm
Exhaust overall length 122.5
Exhaust valve seating face angle 45°
Tuning and Emmisions  
ignition coil supply voltage 11 volts
primary resistance  
secondary resistance  
firing order 1 - 4 - 3 - 2
distributor part number  
ignition timing 10° +/- 1° @ 880 with vacuum disconnected/dual vac? discon+plug both.
Ignition advance checks  
vacuum advance range  
idle speed  
oil temp for CO test  
CO content @ idle  
HC content @ idle  
Service checks and adjustments.  
Spark plugs Bosch W7DTC ( W7CCO 1985-1992)
electrode gap .7mm
valve clearance hydraulic
compression pressure 10-13 bar (150 psi-195psi)
oil pressure @ 80°c 2 bar @ 2000RPM
Lubricants and capacities.  
Engine oil grade 10W30 (SF)
engine oil capacity with filter 4.5 litres
gearbox oil grade 80W-90W GL4
gearbox oil capacity 3 litres
autobox oil grade dexron (final drive type 90W)
autobox capacity 3 litres (final drive capacity .75 litres)