Gear Oil - T3 / Transaxle / LSD -1L

Fuchs Titan Sintopoid LS 75W90 Gear Oil - 1 Litre Bottle

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For want of a better word, Gearbox oil for VW T3 models with limited slip differential.

Fuchs Titan Sintopoid LS 75W90 Gear Oil

Dual rated, GL4 and GL5

What Fuchs say.

"Fuchs Titan Sintopoid LS 75w90 is a premium, fully synthetic gear oil with a limited slip additive for use with limited slip differentials. Suitable for use in manual transmissions, axles or transfer boxes Titan Sintopoid has a unique additive technology which provides protection in highly loaded or highly stressed applications. It can reduce noise in axles and provide smoother shifting in manual gearboxes and provides smooth operation and high levels of protection at very high temperatures."

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number 75W90GL4LS-1L
VW Part No VW G50 / G51
Weight (kg) 1.2
Manufacturer Fuchs
Shipping Restrictions Cannot send with Royal Mail


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