Gear Linkage Repair Kit - T3 / 4&5 Speed / '83-'87 / DIESEL

Gear Linkage Repair Kit

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2WD and Syncro.

Please note chassis break below.

Bear with us, this may look pretty complex but its actually quite simple.

Between the bottom of the Gear Lever and the selector shaft on the side of the T3 5 speed gearbox there are a number of bushes and components which help keep the gear change nice and smooth. Wear in these components can cause poor gear change and in extreme cases loss of some gears altogether!

So, we have shelves full of all the parts which will allow you to replace everything that wears in the linkage. Generally we don't like to sell a complete kit to replace everything, we'd rather just fix what's wrong... easy for us here when the vehicle is on the ramp, but not so easy when you're miles away!

What complicates things a little is that there are a couple of changes to components depending on year and fuel type, so we've put these kits together, four different kits in total to suit all combinations.

In short, the four different kits are:

Early Petrol - From Chassis Number DH000 001 to HH113 601 (1983 to 1987) 
Early Diesel - From Chassis Number DH000 001 to HH113 601 (1983 to 1987) Syncro to HG119911
Late Petrol - From Chassis Number HH113 602 (1987 onwards) 
Late Diesel - From Chassis Number HH113 602 (1987 onwards)  

The one in bold is the kit you are looking at here!

If in doubt, let us have your vehicle details (fuel type and VIN number) and we should be able to confirm.

So, complete kit from the front end of the shift rod to the selector shaft on the side of the Gearbox.

The kit does not include the "Lever Repair Kit" that sits in the floor at teh base of the gear lever, see related items for those.

Other Items which also wear, but aren't in the kit are also shown in related items.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3711KIT2
VW Part No No
Manufacturer Brickwerks Kit


This kit consists of the following individual parts:

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the items in the kit have a QTY of 0 they are unfortunately out of stock and will not be delivered if ordered.

Product Name Price Qty
Relay Lever To Gearbox Boot - T3 / Late / Alternative
£3.12 (Inc VAT)
E Clip - T3 / Tailgate strut / Gear Linkage UJ
£0.66 (Inc VAT)
Relay Lever - T3 / Late / Best Quality
£19.86 (Inc VAT)
Gear Linkage Pin - T3 / Gear Linkage UJ / 1983 on
£8.10 (Inc VAT)
Gear Lever Bush - T3
£2.30 (Inc VAT)
Gear Linkage UJ - T3 / Late
£2.78 (Inc VAT)
O Ring for Universal Joint - T3
£0.30 (Inc VAT)
Selector Cup - T3 / Diesel
£34.12 (Inc VAT)
Selector Cup Roll Pin - T3
£0.36 (Inc VAT)
Relay Lever Boot - T3 / Genuine VW
£6.50 (Inc VAT)

Out of stock

Gear Linkage Bush - T3 / Aftermarket
£2.52 (Inc VAT)
In stock



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