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Gear Lever Repair Kit - T3 / 14mm

Alternative 14mm Repair Kit

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A repair kit for vehicles with a 14mm Gear stick. Please read the following to make sure youre getting the right part, and also the comments below as this is not a "straightforward" replacement.

Please be aware that there are 2 sizes of gear lever.

As a rule of thumb, the air cooled vans have a 12mm shaft, the water cooled vans have a 14mm shaft.

Some early CS engined Diesel vans will also have a 12mm shaft.

To be specific about things...

Here goes.
Vehicles up to chassis number WV2 ZZZ 25Z C 200 000  Have a 12mm shaft.
Vehicles from chassis number WV2 ZZZ 25Z D 000 001 Have a 14mm shaft

Now, as usual, it's not that simple! seems like VW ran the 2 diameter shafts along side each other for a little while, so, from 25D 000 001 to 25D 051 380 AND you have special order S799 (injection engines 1.6i and 2.0i) then you should also have a 12mm shaft.

We think the best idea is to measure your gear-lever before you buy if you are in any doubt, these vehicles are getting old now and will have no doubt passed through many hands and you have no idea what the previous owners have done in the past.

We find the simplest way to measure the diameter of your gearlever is to simply use a 12mm open ended spanner, if it fits over the shaft it's 12mm, if it doesn't it's 14mm.

We recommend you replace the 2 "top hat" bushes in the related items at the same time as this part.

Now... the technical bit.

VW used to sell a complete kit for the 14mm gears, we used to sell them too. Then VW stopped making them.

This is a Pre-assembled aftermarket kit, it's designed for earlier models with the 12mm gearlever however we've made it a universal kit by adding in the part that means you can convert it to a 14mm kit.

You need to push/press the 12mm hemishere out, replace the 12mm section with a 14mm section, and push/press them back in.

If you're strong you can possibly do it with your thumbs, but failing that you may need to slip a socket over and tap it downwards..

You will recieve what's in the picture, a pre-assembled kit and an extra hemisphere to convert to 14mm and nothing else, there some other parts in the Genuine VW kit when it was available however these are not included in this kit.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3 798 116 A
VW Part No 251 798 116 A
Weight (kg) 0.35
Manufacturer Meyle
Shipping Restrictions No


£20.71 (Inc VAT)
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Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

Good quality
Same as VW quality, well made and very easy to fit.
The adaptation to 14mm is very easy. Review by Jonathan / (Posted on 15/12/2013)

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