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Distributor Repair Kit - T3 / With Vac Advance

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Our own hall sensor kit to repair Bosch distributors fitted to VW T3 models, including Aircooled CU engines.

We have not found a T3 distributor with vac advance this kit doesn't fit.

There is a Bosch kit for the "MV" engines still available, but for all others... its this or nothing.

This is a non returnable item, it is in a plastic bag, if the bag is open, you've bought it, simple as!

Basically, I've worked in garages all my life, I know what goes on, this isn't something you buy to try out then send it back saying it doesn't work or it's the wrong one, it is the right one and they do work!

If it doesn't work your problem lies elsewhere!

Please make sure that if you buy this item that it will fix your problems!


A short time ago Bosch stopped production of the correct hall sensor kit for the T3, nobody else in the aftermarket makes a suitable kit and for this reason we've had to source different components to make the kit work... read on.

The hall sensor itself is the same as the original, the only difference is the plug in connection, the wiring plug is different to the one most likely fitted so you'll need to change that for the one in the kit (unless its been changed previously)

Most manufacturers have now standardised their production and the section that clips into the distributor body may be too wide for the slot in the distributor.
So, to fit you need to open that gap up by a few mm. Not ideal, but this is all there is... it's this or nothing!

So, along with the Hall Sensor, you'll get the correct plug, and the collect wiring terminals you fit your plug.

You need to snip the existing plug off - taking note of the wiring positions, crimp the supplied connections on, and push the wiring into the plug.
Simple... ish.

You will also need to lubricate between the two plates. Only a drop of oil will be required, but worth mentioning.

The rubber boot that should cover the wiring can be re-used if its in good condition, although this is the perfect opportunity to replace it if necessary.

Its an expensive part, so its not included in the kit, its in the related items if you want it.

So, there it is, Its not rocket surgery, but its not a straightforward swap either, if you are in any doubt about these instructions thenplease contact us before you buy. If you aren't confident in your abilities... please don't buy!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number T3998065
VW Part No 035 998 065
Manufacturer Brickwerks Kit


This kit consists of the following individual parts:

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the items in the kit have a QTY of 0 they are unfortunately out of stock and will not be delivered if ordered.

Product Name Price Qty
Hall Sender Kit for Bosch Distributor with Vac Advance
£16.08 (Inc VAT)
Distributor Connector Housing
£13.62 (Inc VAT)
Electrical Terminal - Junior Timer .5mm to 2mm
£0.22 (Inc VAT)
In stock



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