Cam Belt Kit - LT1 / 6 Cyl / Diesel / ACL & ACT

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As time goes on then more and more products become unavailable and the timing belt kit for the later ACL and ACT engines is no exception.

So, we've sourced the individual components from different manufacturers to be able to continue to offer a kit.

Rest assured that the compent parts that we source will be the best we can offer and use OEM parts where possible.

The belts will probably be Continental, the idler INA and the tensioner will be good quality aftermarket.

We've also added a water pump to the kit as that is also driven by the timing belt and it's good practice to replace that at the same time, it has bearings that wear out just like your tensioner and idler and you wouldn't scrimp on those would you?!

All the parts are available to buy individually on the webshop, this kit is just a bundle of the parts found in the relevent categories on the shop, you can also remove parts from the kit if you so desire.

Included in the kit

  • Timing / Cam belt - 075 109 119 C
  • Timing / Cam belt tensioner - 074 109 243 D
  • Timing / Cam belt idler - 075 109 243 D
  • Diesel injection pump drive belt - 069 130 113 A
  • Water / Coolant pump - 074 121 005 N
Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number LT1109119C
VW Part No 075 109 119 C, 074 109 243 D, 075 109 243 D, 069 130 113 A, 074 121 005 N
Manufacturer Brickwerks Kit


This kit consists of the following individual parts:

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the items in the kit have a QTY of 0 they are unfortunately out of stock and will not be delivered if ordered.

Product Name Price Qty
Cam Belt - LT1 / 2.4D / ACT & ACL
£24.42 (Inc VAT)
Cam Belt Tensioner - LT1 / ACL & ACT
£59.09 (Inc VAT)

Out of stock

Cam Belt Idler Pulley - LT1 / ACT&ACL
£29.23 (Inc VAT)
Injection Pump Drive Belt - LT1 / 2.4D/TD
£12.01 (Inc VAT)
Water Pump - T4/LT - 5/6 Cylinder
£41.39 (Inc VAT)
In stock



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