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Wheel Spacer - T3 / 5x112mm / 25mm / Pair

Price is per pair

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Price is per pair (axle set).

Specially engineered 25mm wheel spacers, these have been designed and commissioned by us to solve all the problems associated with fitting alternative wheels to a T3. 

Reverse side of the spacer features unique cut outs that allow you to retain the brake drum retaining screws, all other spacers require you to run without drum retaining screws.

Pre-installed with M14x1.5mm studs

There are lots of wheel options, but most require some kind of spacer to correct the wheel offset and sit the wheels in the correct position in the relation to the suspension and body. These are designed to do just that.

We've set the size at 25mm for a number of reasons...

One being that the most common wheel fitted to a T3 comes from VW/Audi models and generally these have an offset of around 50mm, adding a 25mm spacer puts these into the acceptable ET range for a T3.

Also, at 25mm you wont need to machine the wheels all the way through to clear so you'll still be able top fit the wheel centrecap. You'll still need to open the rear of the wheel up enough to clear the centrecap.

The spacers mount to the hub using your original Radiused seat wheel fittings (Bolts on the front, nuts on the rear. You then attach the wheel to the spacer using suitable wheel fittings for your wheels (nuts, radius or tapered seat to suit).

Obviously, there are a lot of wheel options, and we cant make a "one size fits all" solution for them all, but these should cover the majority.

Its worth having a read of our support page for wheel fittings here:

Wheel Fitting Help

A word on offsets...
The recommended rage for wheel offset for the T3 is between 30mm and 40mm. Having said that, a number of well respected German tuners who produced kits for the T3 supplied wheels with offsets as low as ET23 with good results. Projektzwo and Oettinger being 2 of them.
For this reason we'd say dont go much lower that ET23. Remember, by adding a spacer between the wheel and hub you lower the offset by the thickness of the spacer. So, if you start with ET48 and fit these you'll end up at ET23. This is what the people who spent a lot of money developing aftermarket kits for the T3 decided was ideal.

Generally the VW/Audi stuff from the bigger saloons tends to be between ET45 and ET55... so ET20-35 with these spacers.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our Part Number SPC5x112.25
VW Part No No
Weight (kg) 3
Manufacturer T3 Tuning
Shipping Restrictions No


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