Update! - T3 Rear seatbelt kits

A few of you will be aware that our old supplier of the belt reels for our OE style rear seat belt kits stopped manufacture of our reels last year.

Since then, we've been hunting for a suitable reel which will work with the factory mounting points, and is of a quality we'd be happy to rely on to hold our family in place.

Well, we found a manufacturer last month, have recieved a sample, and have now placed an order for a large quantity of reels. Kits will be back on the webshop as soon as they arrive. We'll be looking at weeks, rather than months.

More news here as soon as they land.

4 thoughts on “Update! - T3 Rear seatbelt kits”

  • zanapapa

    Are these three point conversion kits to replace my lap belts?

    • Brickwerks

      They are a 3 point seatbelt for the rear of T3s, designed to use the factory mounting points for a factory looking instal. You can use them on vans that were panel vans but you will need to buy the extra seatbelt mounting plates and drill the body and fit the reinforcement plates.
      We've not seen your van but if it's a 253, 254, 255 or a 256 then it will fit, if you have a 246, 247, 248 or 249 then they won't fit, if you have a 251 or 252 then they will fit with a little extra work.

      • zanapapa

        ay, I'm across the pond. I have an 82' Diesel Vanagon Westfalia. How does that convert over to the model #'s used in Europe?


  • Brickwerks

    245 = Left hand drive single cab pick up.
    246 = Right hand drive signle cab pick up
    247 = Left hand drive double cab pick up.
    248 = Right hand drive double cab pick up.
    251 = Left hand drive panel van
    252 = Right hand drive panel van
    253 = Left hand drive Kombi [bare window van/Westfalia models]
    254 = Right hand drive Kombi
    255 = Left hand drive Caravalle.
    256 = Right hand drive Caravelle.

    Yours would be a 253, all Westfalia models were based on left hand drive Kombi models.

    Sadly, due to the highly litigeous American society we cannot sell to the US or Canada.

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