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Last update 5th May 2020

Trailmaster Springs and Dampers for T3 Syncro

Trailmaster is a well known name amongst 4x4 owners, and we can now supply their dampers and springs for Syncro models.



There are 2 kits available, for standard weight vehicles... panel vans, pickups, and lightweight campers... and the HD Kits for heavier vans carrying more weight or with full on camper conversions above 2400kg.

Dampers come in a few choices for sportier (road) ride or comfort ride, which is for more serious off road use.

Springs... just one front spring regardless of weight, and a choice of rear springs for lighter and heavier vehicles.

At the moment, these will drop ship from Trailmaster, and all webshop prices include delivery.
It may be that we choose to hold these in stock in the future for quicker delivery.

Kit for Standard Weight Vehicles
Kit for Heavy Weight Vehicles

Rear "Sport" Dampers (20mm Lift)
Rear "Comfort" Dampers (20-40mm Lift)
Rear "HD" Dampers (20-40mm Lift) for vehicles over 2400kg

Front "Comfort" Dampers (0-40mm Lift)
Front "HD/Sport" Dampers (0-40mm Lift) for vehicles over 2400kg or those which see mostly on road use

Rear Springs (40mm Lift)
Rear Springs HD (40mm Lift ) for Vehicles over 2400kg
Front Springs (40mm Lift) 

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