T3 Tyre Pressure Stickers... all of them!

Its a question we get asked quite often... "what should my tyre pressures be?"


If you have anything but original steel or alloy wheels its a very difficult question to answer, but if you're still running the wheels that VW fitted then its not too difficult because VW like all other manufacturers would have put a sticker somewhere on the vehicle to tell you.
Of course, with any 20+ year old vehicle theres a good chance that the sticker has been removed, so we started looking at all the different variants of the tyre pressure sticker on vehicles that came into the workshop... there are a few!
There isnt much information from VW about which were fitted to what, and when, so we've had to make some educated guesses based on what we've seen. We're not saying its 100% accurate, but its what we think...
There are 7 different styles that we've seen... heres what we think is a definitive list of all the stickers on all the different types over the years.

Early 2WD - Steel Wheels
Early 2WD - Steel and Alloy Wheels
Late 2WD - Steel and Alloy Wheels
Syncro 14" - "Small"
Syncro 14" - "Large"
Syncro 16" - "Small"
Syncro 16" - "Large"

The early and late 2 Wheel drive seem to coincide roughly with the point that the suspension changed from "Early" to "Late". Simple enough. So theres an Early sticker for 2WD with steel wheels, and one for the optional Factory Alloys with larger tyres.

Late 2WD is simple. One sticker to cover them all... steel and alloy wheels.
Syncro... 2 different types for each model - 14" and 16". Absolutely no way of telling which years had small and which had the large style, it seems completely random.
The Syncro stickers are also interesting as theyre a mirrored finish rather than a flat silver like the 2WD... maybe something to do with the fact that they were produced in  Austria... who knows.

So there they are. Now you know as much as we do.
We must stress that these are for ORIGINAL VW wheels with the factory recommended tyre sizes. Anything non original the tyre pressures will vary.
We've spent a little while working on the artwork to reproduce them and theyre all available on the links above.