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Last update 5th May 2020

T3 Turbo Diesel Breather Hose - 068103493AE

We keep saying it, but we're so lucky in the T3 world!
More and more that were made obsolete by VW years ago are becoming available every week.

These breather hoses run from the "UFO" on the rocker cover down to the inlet side of the turbo. Its common to see them split or even rubbed through, which allows the turbo to draw in all that mucky air from the engine bay.

We tired of seeing them taped up with Duct tape long ago, so paid for the tooling to allow us to produce them in Silicone (HERE). And that is what we've done until now.

Now they're available as a Genuine VW part again from the original manufacturer.
We'll still keep the Fluoro lined silicone versions as technically theyre a better product and should last longer, but these are in stock if you want 100% originality.