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Last update 5th May 2020

T3 Diesel Sumps... Imminent!

Given the popularity of inline 4 cylinder conversions for the T3, both Petrol and Diesel, it was a worry when the Genuine VW ones went obsolete last year.

Once they were confirmed as permanently obsolete by VW in Germany we spoke to JP Group in Denmark about the possibility of reproducing them, and they were happy to oblige.

Its taken a while, as these things always do, but they will be available again in January 2016. Quality appears to be excellent and as always with JP Group, the price is very keen.

As a company who specialises in older vehicles, its not just in our interests to stock and sell available parts, but also to try and make sure wherever possible that the important stuff is available for the future once its made obsolete.
That way we can keep fixing them, and you can keep driving them.
And it's great that companies like JP Group have the same interest in keeping them going as we do.

The sumps wont be available to order yet, as we try not to take peoples money for things we don't have, but you can subscribe to the "back in stock notification" on the product link and we'll notify you when they land.


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