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T3 Adjustable Dampers from Spax - In Development....

We were recently contacted by Spax Performance  with a view to developing some T3 dampers.
These are the result...

28 point adjustable Krypton gas dampers. slightly shorter than stock.

You all know the name, so i'll give you the "bumpf" from their website:

"SPAX adjustable stiffness dampers are 28 stage on-car adjustable. The dampers are adjustable in both bump and rebound stiffness, giving ultimate adjustability and performance tuning. SPAX engineers have developed these kits to produce maximum comfort, control and handling. SPAX adjustable stiffness dampers are pressurised with Krypton gas. This produces not only superior low speed ride quality, but also high speed performance that is ultra stable, fade free and therefore significantly improved. The result is maximum comfort when you need it or maximum performance when you want. SPAX adjustable stiffness dampers are ideal for all road applications and even the occasional “track day” because they have a wide range of on car adjustment with no dismantling. Transform your car’s handling from “Sunday Drive” to “Track Day” in about a minute!"

Its quality gear, and we love the adjusters for the front dampers which make adjusting on the vehicle a doddle.

Test fitted today onto one of our own vehicles, and set to the equivalent of  the Bilstein B4 dampers we sell... to be road tested for a few days so we have something to compare to, then we'll stiffen them up and see how they perform.

We're expecting good things from these, and all being well, we'll have them on the webshop soon.

Colour goes well with out exclusive Eibach springs too:

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