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Last update 5th May 2020

Stainless Steel WBX Exhaust systems

We always struggle to keep these on the shelf. Due to the quality of the systems they take a while to make. Generally we sell them quicker than we can get them made! We're trying to improve the situation by keeping more stock... so we've just had a HUGE delivery of complete waterboxer systems. We know a few of you have been waiting for stock... se here they are!

These are all stainless except the 3 way join, or cast knuckle as its often called.
Designed to be interchangeable with the original parts so you can replace parts of the old steel exhaust with stainless as theyre required i you prefer.
Theyre a beautiful piece of kit, and we sell them with all the gaskets, fittings and seals you'll need.

Intermediate pipe comes with a boss to fit the Lambda probe on Cat equipped vehicles so you can lose the cat and keep the probe.


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