• Christmas blah... blah... blah

    It's crept up on us again. I'm sure it was only May yesterday!

    We'll be closing our doors officially for the Christmas and New Year holidays on Thursday 23rd December. All orders placed up to our last collection (approx 3pm) will be shipped, any orders placed after that will be shipped on our return on January the 4th 2022.

    All of us at Brickwerks would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas... or whatever you celebrate, and A Happy New Year... Im sure we said this last year but let's hope things are a bit better all round!
    As it feels a bit "groundhog day" in general, we've just reposted a pic from a couple of years ago, pre "covid times".
    Lets hope the only "variants" we see in 2022 are those rattly old Aircooled things :D



    No photo description available.

  • Come on... give us a break!

    This is us calling "Last Orders" at the webshop... last-orders

    Technically, its not "us" it's just a photo we found on the internet that suited our needs... just pointing that out before you all rush down to meet our new member of staff!!
    Usually at this time of year we have a spotless workshop, and the stores is swept and tidy. We generally have all the deliveries booked in, we're watching the clock and shuffling delivery notes and flicking elastic bands at Angus.

    Today, we've had almost as many orders to process as a busy day at the start of summer. Mike is complaining because he's had to change the label roll in the UPS printer and we've got 2 big deliveries from earlier this week to book in!

    We're not complaining though! We like being busy... but it has to end somewhere.
    So, we're a couple of hours away from our 1pm cut off for orders to leave today.
    After that we'll be playing "catch up" with the deliveries and sorting things for our return in the New Year.

    Oh... and just for the ladies...


    Merry Christmas :)


  •  BRICKWERKS Christmas Message...

    ...shorter and probably a bit more interesting than that one the Queen will be doing in a few days time...

    Just a quicky regarding Christmas and New Year shenanigans.
    We'll be closed from Midday on Friday the 23rd December, and we will return to work on Tuesday the 3rd January 2017.
    All orders placed up until around 1PM on Thursday the 22nd December will be shipped that day, and should be delivered either next day or in the period between Christmas and New Year.
    Remember, we don't make the deliveries and as this time of year is extremely busy for the Post Office and UPS then if anything is urgent, don't leave it until the last minute!
    All the services we offer for shipping are "Next Day" which whilst at this time of year that might not actually mean next day it does mean that it'll get to you as quickly as is humanly possible.

    Any orders placed after the 22nd December will by picked, and packed on Tuesday the 3rd when we return to work.
    Similarly, any emails won't be replied to until we return on the 3rd.

    What else... oh yeah, Christmas stuff. We know at this time of year you're spending your brass on other stuff... and rightly so.
    But, as its Christmas, you might like to drop some hints to family or friends about some interesting stuff we've added to our range lately.... stuff that you might actually like to receive instead of another bloomin' Split Screen Camper mug :D
    Read on...

    Thermal Screens These Interior Thermal Mat Sets are great value and will help keep you warm if you're camping over the Christmas/New Year Period. T3 Sets are 8 Piece for all windows, T4 are just 3 piece for the cab windows. Click Image for Webshop Link

    Anevay Stove Another one for the chilly months... we've used these for a while as they're compact and self contained which is ideal when you're trying to cram all your stuff in a small campervan. You'll be surprised how much heat they give off though, and the bonus is you can boil a kettle or even cook a pizza on them if you have a pizza stone. And we find that most campsites that allow off the ground BBQ's are fine with them even if they don't allow camp fires. Oh... and you'll see we have an offer at the moment where you get the stove and the carry bag for the price of the stove alone! And as if that wasn't enough, free shipping too :) Click Image for Webshop Link

    Atiwe Gear Knob Atiwe. You've heard of Atiwe right? Oh... well... Atiwe make and have made a range of accessories for years. Steering Wheels, Gearknobs, even one of the Factory Option T3 Alloy wheels was supplied by Atiwe. So, when they offered us these, we couldn't say no! They're not "cheap", but they are one of the nicest knobs we've ever had the pleasure of handling... fnarr fnarr They're anodised aluminium and leather and once you've touched one that standard plastic one will never satisfy you in the same way... Click Image for Webshop Link



    Doodle Lastly... if you have someone in your family who likes colouring in, we were sent these A3 posters by Squidoodle which are great designs and will keep you entertained for hours. Have a look at his other stuff if this is your thing. You can hang em on the wall when theyre done. Again, not something that we've been known to sell in the past but if it helps Steve get his stuff out there, we're happy to keep a few on the shelf. Click Image for Webshop Link

    In other news...
    Webshop update is still ongoing.
    A couple of recent changes are to the general tidiness of your Account area. You can check the status of your order here, or track it once its shipped.
    You can also access the new returns section here, so when you've bought something you don't need you can get a returns number and that'll help us refund it quicker when it comes back.

    We've struggled a bit this year with getting all the new stuff on the webshop. Traditionally this time of year has been our quiet period and thats given us chance to get all the new products we have in the wings lined up and live on the shop... hasn't happened this year though. We're working through them slowly as and when we get a few minutes though, so keep checking the new products on the home page for new stuff, and have a look on Facebook or the Blog for the more interesting stuff. Oh, we post stuff on Instagram too from time to time... apparently :D

    Speaking of Facebook, we have a competition running here at the moment for people who have ordered from us in the last 12 months... so if you havn't seen it you might want to check it out.
    If you've already ordered you have nothing to lose by getting your name down :) You might win one of the very limited VW Monopoly sets we recently sold out of in one day!

    Thats it 'til next time... might be another month, or it might be another 11 years, we'll see how we go.

    Whatever you do over the festive period, have a good one and we'll see you all again next year.

    Simon, Michael, Angus, Mike, Debs, Uncle Pete and Stanley.
    (I think thats all of us!)


  • On the First Day of Christmas, Brickwerks sent to me....

    No Partridge in a Pear Tree will be shipped.
    No Lords, leaping or otherwise will be sent to anyone.
    No Gold Rings, or French Hens.
    And not just because we don't sell any of that guff. We're closed from midday on Christmas Eve, and we won't return to work until the 11th Day of Christmas - the 4th January.


    We'll be shipping orders right until we close, but obviously the closer to Christmas it gets the less likely you'll be to get a Next Day delivery :)
    Anything shipped on Thursday should be delivered between the Christmas and New Year period.

    We'll be back in on the 4th January... no doubt a few pounds heavier, and a little "lethargic" but we'll ship all orders placed over the festive season on that first day back and then usual service will be resumed until we do it all again next year!

    All that remains is to say thanks to all our customers, old and new for your support.
    Its been a fantastic year!
    Enjoy the holidays, whatever you're doing, and we'll hopefully see you all again next year for more of the same...

  • One for the workshop customers

    A few weeks ago as we were returning from a wedding and taking the scenic way home we chanced across a new campsite quite local to the workshop.
    Now, regular visitors to Brickwerks HQ make use of the campsite a mile or so up the road from the workshop but it seems it's a little "Marmite", some love it, some don't, so we are now in the position where we can recommend a second reasonably local site for those that like things a little wilder!

    You know we like to try out the stuff we sell and I suppose this similar!

    Whitegate Leisure is a small family run campsite on the moors above Holmfirth and is run by husband and wife team Shaun and Sue who bought the farm a few years ago and are in the process of renovating the farmhouse and out buildings and is located approx 5 miles from our premises.

    We would say that this campsite is more suited to the outdoor-sy types as it's located "in the sticks". We'll warn you though, it's exposed location can give some great views over the valley but I can't say I'd want to be camping there in a storm!
    This campsite would be great for those that like walking, cylcling or ever a spot of green laning as there are plenty of walks, cycle routes and green lanes very close to the site.
    Just down the road is Coddy's Farm which sports a tea room [which does breakfasts] and a farm shop, another 10 minutes walk down the hill takes you to the Holmfirth Vinyard where you can go and sample wine made on the sunny slopes of the Holme Valley.

    The only thing missing is a pub but the centre of Holmfirth is only 2 miles away and this then opens up a whole realm of things to go of an evening from eating out to the excellent Picturedrome, voted the NME's 2nd best small music venue in the UK.

    All in all, for us a great little campsite and just up the road for us for those last minute "I want to go camping" moments.
    Please note it is seasonal and it shuts over the winter period, but, in fairness the lost village in the woods a mile or so away is called "Hades" ... if you're up there in the winter you'll find out why! (the neighbouring farm is called Elysium, it must have been named in summer as that means "A place or state of perfect happiness.")

    -Secure site with private access
    -Grass covered Hard Standing for caravans & tourers
    -Electric Hook Ups
    -Hot showers
    -Toilet facilities
    -Water point
    -Outside wash up area
    -Blue waste disposal
    -Dogs welcome
    -Free WIFI

    Whitegate Leisure.
    White Gate Rd
    HD9 2TH

    Farm: 01484 688080
    Mob: 07786 707890

  • Hannover Edition...

    Sometimes, the workshop booking stack up just right...


  • Diff Lock Switch Knob - T3 Syncro 111941541B

    Often missing! Theres no excuse when they're this cheap!



    Webshop Link

  • Battery Clamps - T3 Under Seat 251919313 ; 251919313A

    Scarey how often these are missing!

    There are 2 types for the under seat batteries on T3 models. One type for standard seats and another for the Westfalia swivel bases.

    251919313A 251919313

    Webshop Link - Standard Seats

    Webshop Link - Swivel Bases

  • Brickwerks old Syncro single cab.

    Brickwerks old Syncro Single cab 1.6TD.

    2WD springs up front [blue code], 20mm spacers at the back, had some great fun in that!

  • Taking adapt and overcome to a new level


    I admire their creativity with this one!

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