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Spot the difference!


Just rebuilding a customers rear brakes after they have just been rebuilt by a so called "specialist'. Parts required so far, on a vehicle that has has the brakes stripped and put back together and signed off as okay are.

  • Back plates holed and corroded.
  • Left hand rear wheel cylinder leaking.
  • Part of adjuster mechanism snapped off.
  • Adjuster bars worn. Drums over maximum diameter!
  • Brake shoes were held down with nuts and bolts and not springs and pins!

The only parts we've kept are the cables! Scarey really!

Careful where you take your van, remember your driving around in 2 tonne missiles!

One thought on “Spot the difference!”

  • Mark Sprgg
    Mark Sprgg 02/10/2012 at 14:16

    Name and shame the Cowboys!!!!!!!
    It will save some other poor soul some heartache.

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