• Mefro Centre Caps?

    Just a little teaser.
    We sell the Genuine Mefro wheels.
    We sell the correct wheel fittings.
    We don't sell a centre cap.



  • Ooooh... Boxes

    We know photos of boxes are pretty dull and if we posted a photo of every delivery we recieved you'd soon get tired of seeing them... but this one is a special.

    First delivery of the Eibach 23mm ARB's ready for kitting up and on the webshop as soon as we wade through the rest of todays orders and deliveries!

    At this rate we'll have to put some Saturdays in!


  • T3 Eibach 23mm Front Anti Roll Bars

    These have just landed... To Compliment our own Eibach Pro Kit, we now have the Brickwerks exclusive 23mm Eibach Front Anti Roll Bars for the T3.
    Shown here sporting our own Powerflex 23mm bushes...
    We're just waiting for some mounting hardware to arrive and then they're good to go!

    T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar

  • T3 Front A Pillar panels from JP Group

    It seems only yesterday we sent them samples for reproduction...
    ...but on display on the JP Group stall at Techno Classica in Essen last week -  T3 A Pillar Panels
    Available at the end of this month... another piece of the T3 Jigsaw slots into place!
  • Trial fitting of T3 syncro pre bent brake pipes


    We've had these particular brake pipes sat in a box awaiting the opportunity to trial fit them. Brand new steel, copper coated, epoxy covered pre bent and flared with the correct fittings.
    Made exclusively for us by an OEM supplier to all the car brands you're bothered about. Using original samples these pipes are perfect for those who want to achieve a perfect replacement pipe without the hassle of bending and flaring your own. Saves time as you can just fit from the box. Made using original samples.
    Now we know the fit is good we'll add these syncro items to our growing range of pre bent pipes very soon.

  • T3 2 Wheel Drive Lift Kit - Final testing

    The first batch landed, and we've test fitted them.
    Shaking down for a week or 2 and then we'll set the wheel alignment and they'll be available to buy.

    Initial reaction when coupled with our own gas adjustable lengthened dampers is excellent.


    *** Update ***
    These are now in stock. Currently on our 3rd batch and we've had nothing but a positive response, especially from people swapping from other kits. Which is good to hear.


  • T3 Diesel Sumps... Imminent!

    Given the popularity of inline 4 cylinder conversions for the T3, both Petrol and Diesel, it was a worry when the Genuine VW ones went obsolete last year.

    Once they were confirmed as permanently obsolete by VW in Germany we spoke to JP Group in Denmark about the possibility of reproducing them, and they were happy to oblige.

    Its taken a while, as these things always do, but they will be available again in January 2016. Quality appears to be excellent and as always with JP Group, the price is very keen.

    As a company who specialises in older vehicles, its not just in our interests to stock and sell available parts, but also to try and make sure wherever possible that the important stuff is available for the future once its made obsolete.
    That way we can keep fixing them, and you can keep driving them.
    And it's great that companies like JP Group have the same interest in keeping them going as we do.

    The sumps wont be available to order yet, as we try not to take peoples money for things we don't have, but you can subscribe to the "back in stock notification" on the product link and we'll notify you when they land.


    Webshop Link

  • Sneak Preview! - T3 LED Headlamp upgrade.

    UK legal, Right Hand Drive LED Headlamp conversion... in development.


  • Coming soon... Westfalia Swivel Base Kits

    All new components and ready to weld in.
    These are changing hand secondhand for large amounts now due to demand and rarity... We have all the components to make a complete kit... and should be not much more than the used ones!

    Just going through assembly and pricing now, so available soon.

    Swivel Base

  • T3 Gauge pod - in prototype

    Something we've been wanting to do for a little while, just couldn't find any spare time to do it!

    Anyway, we sent our idea off to a company with a rough mock up in aluminium and this is what we got in the post today!

    Hoping to do left hand drive and right hand drive as well as both black and grey.

    Next job is to try and sort a mounting system suitable for padded dashboards and metal dashboards.

    We've tried to do it so we don't have to drill any holes to mount them and for them to be removable and leave no trace they have been there.






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