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Last update 5th May 2020

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  • T3 Eibach 23mm Front Anti Roll Bars

    These have just landed... To Compliment our own Eibach Pro Kit, we now have the Brickwerks exclusive 23mm Eibach Front Anti Roll Bars for the T3.
    Shown here sporting our own Powerflex 23mm bushes...
    We're just waiting for some mounting hardware to arrive and then they're good to go!

    T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar

  • Genuine VW T3 Front Discs - Late 251407617K

    This is something we started being asked for last year and since then we've kept one or two sets on the shelf.
    We've found that we keep selling out before the next delivery has landed though, so figured we should stock more!

    It may seem strange to sell the Genuine VW part alongside those from Original Equipment Manufacturers, but its nice to have the choice, and in the case of Brake Discs we're happy to make an exception.



  • T3 Syncro Diff Lock Actuator - Original Style

    Its nice to have these back in stock after short period when they weren't available.

    New Production from VDO so hopefully future supply is guaranteed too.


    Webshop Link

  • Trailing Arm Comparison - Repro to Original

    One of the major advantages of having a specialist workshop next door to our warehouse is that when the opportunity arises we can make comparisons between original parts and aftermarket parts.
    Today we had some original trailing arms removed from a T3 for new bushes, so took he opportunity to do a weight comparison - Original against New Aftermarket (JP Group) arms.

    Considering the original arm has at least a few years of muck on it, not to mention wax, and the usually cut/broken bolts left in it... they're pretty similar in weight which suggests they're pretty similar in material thickness and quality of weld.

    We expected nothing less to be honest... but now we know :)


  • T3 Trailing Arms. Here. In Stock. Ready to go!

    Its been great to be involved with these from the start.
    From the first informal chat with Martin from JP over the desk in Honley a few years ago to unwrapping them and checking them over today...

    It's taken a while, these things always do, but its another step towards keeping our T3's on the road, and for that we're thankful there are companies out there spending their time and money on stuff like this...


    We have a few set aside for the workshop but the rest are available to order for next working day delivery.

    LEFT side

    RIGHT side


  • T3 Plastic Wheel Arch Liners - New Design... Special Price!!!

    We've sold the T3 Plastic Wheel arch liners for years, but last year the supply dried up and so they dropped off the webshop for a while.

    Now, we're happy to say they are available again and in a new design with more ribs to give them a little bit more rigidity whilst still keeping them flexible.

    The best bit... that's the price!

    Less than £60 DELIVERED! to most of mainland UK! So better, and even cheaper than before... and they were good value before!
    And as with 99.9% of all the products on the webshop (excluding the drop ship items) they're in stock and ready to ship for next day delivery.



  • Updates continue

    Shout At The Computer! Generic picture stolen from Google image search of an attractive lady that doesn't actually work here. Notice she's using builders tools, ours aren't that clean...

    How do, Friday afternoon and the dust is settling from a manic week, Royal Mail is here just taking the last of this weeks deliveries, UPS went not that long ago.

    We've got a new look for our webshop, Liking it? we are, much improved search, responsive site that works as well on your phone or tablet as it does on your desktop.

    It's still very much work in progress, we have lots of revisions to make to tidy it up yet, uploading the skin was the first step, lots of different functions and fiddly bits still to come.

    Yes, we know some of the images are a bit squiffy, some of the styling is a bit odd but we'll get there, it's a lot of work!

    So, purpose of inane Friday afternoon ramble is to say...

    ...We're moving a lot of parts around, splitting categories, creating new categories in an attempt to make things easier for you to find, you may find an empty category, you might find things in the wrong category, we know, we're on with it.
    If you can't find something then try the search, that's what we use when we want to find something quickly, most parts now have VW part numbers associated with them so if you know the number the paste it in the search box.
    Of course, if you're really struggling then drop us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.
    We've reduced the workshop loading to help us get on top of all this shuffling about and making a concerted effort to try to get the piles of stuff we have sat here going dusty listed on the webshop, we can't sell it if you don't know we have it!

    That's it from us, we're off to enjoy the start of Autumn!

  • Badgeless Grille - T3 for Rectangular Headlights

    We're now keeping these fibreglass reproductions in stock.

    Subtle but stylish modification that you won't see on every T3... yet.

    We like to be honest with the parts we sell... Theyre fibreglass, and hand made so whilst the overall shape is pretty much perfect with everything in the right place, they're not "finished" so a few small scratches are to be expected.
    You're going to paint it anyway though aren't you?



  • Notice of impending doom, or maybe not.


    Morning, we're just letting you know things could all go a bit wobbly later on today, we're going to be doing some maintenance on the webshop and it might act a bit weird, so, if it does, sorry!

    We got back from Busfest last night and we've got a few loose ends to tie up there as well as unpack the van but all orders received before 9am this morning have been printed and are in the warehouse currently being packed and should leave today.

    If you are using the webshop and it does something weird then let us know at [email protected] and we'll pass it onto the propeller heads down at SplitPixel.

  • Busfest Order Collection


    Not long now until the world's largest VW van event!

    We're back trading this year, in our old spot in the corner of the halls.

    As the last few years we won't be selling any parts, just taking a few items to display, no pressure of selling to give us the opportunity to have a proper chat with our lovely customers, it's not all about the money!

    So, if you need any help, advice or just fancy a bit of Yorkshire hospitality then bob past and introduce yourselves.

    Again, as in previous years we've set a free shipping method on the webshop so you can order your parts in advance and we'll take them to the show for you, please don't order the side of a van or anything because it won't fit in the shop van!

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