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  • New Product - T3 2.1 WBX Fuel Filter Mount


    Fuel filter mount for the 2.1 WBX engines T3 models. Manufactured from Stainless steel.
    Suits 2WD and 4WD models - 4WD require additional mounting bracket (also available)

  • New Product - Battery Tray Panel

    Ideal for use when converting petrol engined models to diesel.
    Moves the battery nearer the starter!

  • Black diamond release a new range of uprated clutch kits

    Black Diamond Clutch

    We're just sorting the details out now.

    All 4 variants of the T3 clutch are available to order in 5-7 days.

    PWR - for Fast Road use - a clutch designed for use with engines which have been modified 20-25% above standard. Has a high heat resistant organic clutch plate and burst strength of 9,000 rpm.

    KVR - for Fast Road/Competition use - engines modified 25-30% above standard. Here the friction material is 100% kevlar, lightweight and able to withstand heat generated under competition conditions.

    PDL - a paddle clutch for Track Day and Competition but can also be used on the road - designed for use with a highly modified engine - up to 40% above standard. With it's cerametallic friction material - can cope with more power and deal with heat more efficiently.

    Prices are "sensible"

    All the T3 kits are brande new and come complete with cover plate, friction disc and release bearing.

    Details from their press release...

    Black Diamond Performance are pleased to announce their new range of Performance Clutch kits - Fast Road, Fast Road/Competition and a full Race Paddle Clutch - a broader range than we have ever offered before!! Where there’s more engine power at one end and better road grip at the other, a clutch that can deliver without slip is needed - look no further! The higher clamp load of these clutches is designed to cope with increased torque and higher engine revs.

    For those of you who want to push your road cars to the limit our Fast Road Clutch with its organic drive plate made from very high heat resistant robust material (spiral woven glass fibre with a heavy copper core) is ideal. Made for use with a standard or mildly modified engine - where torque and engine revs are 20-25% up from standard. It’s a great replacement for the standard clutch, hard wearing, with smooth engagement and burst strength of 9,000 rpm.

    Our Fast Road/Competition Clutch is dual purpose - flexible enough to be used on the road yet performs well on the track. Made from 100% kevlar the drive plate is lightweight with a higher burst strength than the Fast Road - strong and capable of withstanding the high temperatures generated by competition speed. This clutch is designed for high revving engines where the vehicle’s power has been increased 25-30% above standard. So for spirited drivers who dare to enjoy track days as well the skill of fast road driving and competitions this dual performance clutch is a great option.

    Race Clutch, these five or six paddle clutches designed for use with highly modified engines (up to 40% above standard) have cerametallic friction surfaces which can cope with more power and deal with heat more efficiently, they wear at a slower rate, and have stainless steel backing plates. Designed for high-energy applications - a great clutch for competition driving including track day but can also be used on the road.

    All our clutches are designed as direct replacements to standard units using the original manufacturer’s bolt holes, no modification of the flywheel is necessary and the standard clutch release mechanism can be retained. They come with either sprung or a rigid drive plates according to whether the car has a single mass or dual mass flywheel, ensuring that the car’s drive line system is protected from shock loads on the drivetrain.

  • Early bad ass silencer.


    We got this made for a customer and he didn't like it (freak!) So we have it to sell on now! One off and won't be on the webshop. It's unfitted so we don't even know how it sounds!
    We're asking a measly £240 + VAT for it, lifetime warranty!

  • Early WBX prototype exhaust


    Hopefully we'll get chance to fit this soon and get them on the webshop!

    With the VAT, these manifold pipes are going to retail at £485.

  • Welcome to brickwerks blog.

    Hello, this is a bit new, hopefully all our new products will end up here and a bit of news and a few updates and that.

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