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  • T3 Cruise Control Stalks...

    Almost every week we're asked for the original T3 Cruise Control Stalks.
    We've gone through all the available options now.
    Original T3 stalks are long gone, so we bought all the straight versions from another model that we could find. 
    We went through the German Language versions and the Englisg too...
    They have all now dried up, but people are still converting to GTI and TDI and want to take advantage of the ECU's cruise control function.

    We've scoured every model of the era that had cruise as an option and drawn a blank... except this one.

    Now, it's not a perfect solution due to the angle of the stalks when fitted and the modifications required to fit it, but it is the only stalk in the same style as the T3 originals that is now available new with the Cruise Control function.
    It's all explained in the description, so if you want the switches and you don't mind a bit of messing about to get them, this may be for you. We won't be stocking loads, as we don't think they will be as popular as the previous direct fit ones, but for the moment at least they are readily available to restock.


  • T3 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar - Update :)

    Judging by the number of enquiries we've had for these there are quite a few people waiting for news.

    The bars have been sat on the shelf here for over a year now, teasing us.
    Michael has had one fitted to his Bluestar for the last 12 months as we've gone through the development process for the bushes.
    To cut a long story short as the bars are a new development, rather than just a reproduction of the factory 23mm bar we've had to fine tune the body bushes to suit.
    We're now confident of the design and a recent 1000+ trip around the twists and turns of the Scottish Highlands has confirmed we've finally got them right.

    So, the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a product on the webshop appeared today (HERE).
    This is the complete 23mm Kit including bushes and hardware to bolt your drop links on.
    It will show out of stock now as we won't take payment up front until they are in our grubby hands... but you can add your email address to the back in stock notification so you'll get an email as soon as the bushes are here.

    Note that this is the "Late" kit for models with the single bolt on the 'D' Bush, kit for the earlier models (2 bolts) is on the way.

    Bar is made by Eibach, bushes are made by Powerflex, and they're put together by your friendly neighbourhood T3 Specialist.

    Webshop Link


  • T3 LCD Dash Clock Repair Kits - Just landed!

    These have just arrived and are active on the webshop now.
    We'll be fulfilling orders to trade customers next week, but as you can see we have plenty in stock!

    We have had enquiries from a couple of US and German suppliers regarding stocking them so you may want to hold on for them if you're in any of those places, although to be fair the shipping will be quite cheap on them as they're small and light.

    Another Brickwerks product at a very sensible price :)


  • Snugpak PakBoxes now available

    You may have seen these pop up on the home page with the new products and think, what are they for Brickwerks? bit of a funny thing to stock, well, it's our boss....

    Thing is, he's a funny old stick, he likes things just so, nice, clean, tidy, neat. He's been trying these through the summer in his T3 Westfalia Atlantic and he's been that pleased with them we decided to stock them.

    When you own a camper van then interior space as at a premium, you need to ram and cram as much stuff into the cupboards as humanly possible for a long trip, a lot of cupboard space is not utilised or a lot of time to get one thing from the back or the bottom of a cupboard then you have to drag the whole lot out, irritating! The idea of the PakBox is that they were initially designed to fit inside Snugpak's range of holdalls and rucksacks to segregate your belongings but they also work great in T3 Westy interior cupboards too! we should imagine that they fit quite nicely in other camper vans obviously.

    We've also decided to add the Snugpak small wash bag too as it's a similar size to the small 2l PakBox and works well size wise with the rest of the range and has ample room for your essential kit for a week away in the van.

    Made from heavyweight polyester PVC they are very light and strong with zipped entry and a mesh top to be able to easily identify the contents.

    Top shelf PakPox 2l, Middle shelf PakBox 4l and bottom shelf PakBox 6l.

    Lots of space for lots of neatly arranged luggage.

    6l fits nicely in here, enough room to stack a few up.

    Or sneak some more at the back or even your wash bag.

    Webshop links.

    PakBox - 2l

    PakBox - 4l

    PakBox - 6l

    Snugpak - essentials washbag

  • T3 Window Winder Handles - Now available again in Brown!

    We're all fans of the brown here.
    So, we're happy to keep the new excellent quality reproduction brown winder handles in stock.

    Available soon here.


    Window Winder Handle - T3 / BROWN

  • Repair Gear for T3 Syncro Speedometer Drive Pinion

    As it's getting harder to find good replacement Speedo Drives for the T3 Syncro, We now stock the new 025Motorsport produced drive pinion repair gears, in the 3 most common flavours...

    Red - 8/21
    Black - 8/20
    White - 8/19

    They're machined from Ali-bronze to bond onto your existing shaft in place of the original mullered plastic one.

    Webshop Link

  • Reproduction T3 LLE Front Decal

    A while ago, we were approached by the LLE Kartei in Germany about reproducing the Front decal for the Limited Last Edition T3 models.

    It's a special decal as it's domed and not just a flat vinyl sticker.
    It also had to match the originals perfectly.
    As we already produce reproductions of the original decals for the California and Atlantic with the correct finish, these were no problem.

    However, we won't be selling these.
    To control who buys them these will only be available to buy through the LLE-Karte, and not from us.
    We figure this is the best way to ensure that we don't end up assisting the creation of a load of LLE Replicas, as that's in the interest of all LLE owners.

    So, if you need one, you can contact the LLE Kartei and they will be able to confirm the originality of your LLE and supply you with a new sticker :)

  • VW 1.9 TDI Short Block Engines.

    Due to the current popularity of the TDI conversion for T3 and even T4 models, we're now keeping these VW Short Block Engines in stock.

    Price to be confirmed... but expect them to be "sensible" especially for a VW unit :)

    They're supplied with Crank, Pistons, and intermediate shaft fitted... and even come with a sump (although you won't need that for a T3).
    They also have the piston protrusion checked and come with gaskets.

    These are going to go quickly, we feel sure!

  • 253809171 - T3 LHD Rear Side Panel with Window

    Another big chunk of Genuine VW Hannover steel we're now keeping in stock to meet the demand for high quality panels for restorations.

    This is the Left side rear panel which is unique to Left Hand Drive (and some special order) models as it doesn't have the recess for a sliding door runner.

    So that's another panel here in the UK ready to help get your Westfalia, or Multivan back to a factory standard.

    They're not cheap granted, but they are the best!


  • JP Group visit. Brickwerks do Denmark.


    A short write up and some photos of our trip to Viborg back in February.

    Winter had been a little mild this year in the UK. We had a sprinkling of snow but nothing to write home about. So what were a couple of cold loving Northerners to do?
    Hop on a plane to Denmark for a few days, that's what!

    We were invited to JP Group last year to have a look around the factory, warehouse and showrooms, but we were just too busy.
    We made time earlier this year in our "quiet" month and booked some flights to Copenhagen.


    Copenhagen was our first port of call as thats where the plane landed, we stayed overnight in a hotel and had a brief look around the city the next day. It's a great place and well worth a visit for a taster of Denmark. We'd recommend it if you fancy a weekend away or a base for more exploring in Denmark and Sweden.
    We weren't here to sightsee though, so we picked up a hire car and drove the 320km to Viborg.
    Viborg is a city in the centre of Jutland and the place where King Canute set off from to give the English a kicking back when we were much less sophisticated.
    Thankfully things have changed and the Danish are much friendlier. In fact its one of the friendliest places we've been!

    Hotel rooms with saunas, bars where the patrons insist you drink their rum, and give you free t-shirts, and some amazing restaurants. We like Viborg.

    Right, thats the Brickwerks Rough Guide out of the way.
    Go to Denmark. You'll love it!


    Friday morning 10 am, we rocked up to JP Groups headquarters and factory location a few miles North of the city centre. We were met by Martin and given what we assume is the standard factory tour. Questions were answered like "Why do the boxes smell of Tobacco" - because JP, like us re-use a lot of packaging and some comes from a tobacco company. A good thing in our eyes.

    If you've bought from Brickwerks you have very likely bought something from JP Group, they supply a lot of parts so they have this massive warehouse, with lots of parts... lots and lots of parts. Its a big place.
    So, to help the staff get around when they're picking our stuff they have these bad boys:


    A scooter that's also a picking trolley! Sadly we cant buy one, and it wouldn't fit down the aisles at Brickwerks anyway... but we'd find somewhere to play on it if we could!

    We could show you pictures of shelves and boxes, but you can see that at Tesco, one cool bit though is the automated picking bays. Basically large moving shelves and a large robot that goes and fetches the complete shelves from high above your head so you can pick the order. It's a clever system. It's fast and something we can relate to at the moment... saves space.
    We quite fancy one of these too!


    Next to the large warehouse is the Quality Assurance dept. This is where new products are checked and any issues that are reported are investigated.
    Now we don't get many returns if we're honest, but if there is a problem with a JP product that they need to look at, it goes here. The racks are full of test rigs and jigs and the benches are full of test equipment.
    Many people have a cynical view of returns and think that when a part is returned to a supplier they'll just deny there is an issue and look for an excuse to blame anything but the part.
    We're sure that does happen... Not here though!
    One of the refreshing things about JP is that, like us, they're concerned with any quality issues and will look at complaints. If there is a problem, it's picked up and dealt with. It's in their interests because if there is a problem with a part people will buy elsewhere.
    The people we met there also seem to know the vehicles they're dealing with and even Simon couldn't catch them out! Something else that's refreshing.


    Other stuff goes on in other areas. A company with the contract to refurbish Danish train seats operates from one of the buildings. An impressive thing in the days of "chuck it away and buy new ones".
    There is even a display cabinet for items found down the seats... if you've ever lost a toy car on a Danish train there is a good chance its in this cabinet.
    If you've lost a dildo, its kept somewhere else away from prying eyes, apparently.
    You can probably have it back if you ask...


    JP source parts from all over world, they also make a lot of parts on site. They have a large manufacturing unit where Exhausts and body panels are made, among other things.
    We spotted T3 Petrol and Diesel exhaust being made, front to rear coolant pipes, Front panels. All stuff we see every day but so much more interesting when you're seeing how its made.
    And forget what you may have heard about the way this stuff is made. Theres is a lot of laser this, CNC that, and robotic others. There are also a lot of skilled workers there welding and fabricating. Some of the new lines of Porsche exhausts are beautiful!


    From the manufacturing area, we moved onto the showroom.
    This is the area where some of the JP Private Car collection is displayed, as well as samples of a lot of the parts they supply. We think there were maybe a few more of Stuttgarts finest crammed here than is usual, due to building work and the current expansion going on in other areas.
    Obviously, we're Transporter guys, but that doesn't mean we can't ogle at some sleek curvy models from time to time!
    Not just Porsche either. There is a Trekker, a few Beetles, a couple of Golfs including a Mk2 Cutaway that a VW dealer didn't have space for, a few Mercedes and and even the only existing prototype of the Logicar. Details of that HERE if you're into quirky cars. Its in German but Google will help you translate if you're not fluent. There is also some info on JP Groups facebook page HERE.


    After we'd had our fill of exotica it was off to the Workshop.
    This is an area where JP Group work on their own vehicles. As soon as we saw the 2 T3's parked outside we knew we were amongst friends here.
    Inside on the ramp was a perfect Brown and Cream T3 undergoing assembly.
    Again, seeing a T3 in pieces on a ramp is something we're not new to, but when you see it at the company who are supplying your parts it kind of makes you realise that this isn't just a company shifting boxes around, they have a definite interest in the stuff we drive, and also in keeping them on the road.
    They're doing what many claim to do but few actually do... fitting the parts they sell themselves. We can relate to that.


    After a mooch around the workshop, it was off to lunch and then the "work" bit of our trip... spreadsheets, powerpoint, pie charts and graphs. We won't bore you with the details of that bit.
    Lastly an evening meal in a steakhouse in Viborg followed by an early night and a drive back to Copenhagen via Dollerup to check out some scenery before we hopped back on a plane.

    All in all, a very interesting and rewarding few days.
    Loads of photos below.  You can click em to make em bigger and everything!


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