• Back in stock! T3 Wheel bearings

    After a little difficulty keeping up with demand, we've just had a big delivery of the FAG T3 wheel bearing kits.

    Early Front

    Late Front


  • T3 Syncro Rebuilt Viscous Coupling

    Now Back in Stock!


    Webshop Link

  • T3 Front and Rear Mudflaps - Original VW Style - Back in Stock

    The original style Mud Flaps were available again for a short time, but are now obsolete.

    We have sourced these, which are almost identical both in quality and appearance.
    The obvious difference is the large VW roundel which is missing from the rear flaps.

    Mounting is exactly the same as the originals - through holes in the body just behind the front and rear arches. Fittings are included. Also included are the mounting brackets and plates (in stainless steel).

    All in all, a great bit of kit.

    As these mount through the body, if your T3 didnt come with them originally you'll need to make holes....

    Front Flaps

    Rear Flaps


  • T3 Pillar Trims. Back in Stock.


    Unavailable for a short time, but now back in stock.

    And a little bit cheaper too!

    Which is nice :)

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  • Our new front door.


  • Back In Stock - T3 Syncro Mirrors - Complete

    Not a week goes by when we dont get enquiries for these!

    They were available new for a short time... then weren't... and now they are!



  • Stainless Steel WBX Exhaust systems

    We always struggle to keep these on the shelf. Due to the quality of the systems they take a while to make. Generally we sell them quicker than we can get them made! We're trying to improve the situation by keeping more stock... so we've just had a HUGE delivery of complete waterboxer systems. We know a few of you have been waiting for stock... se here they are!

    These are all stainless except the 3 way join, or cast knuckle as its often called.
    Designed to be interchangeable with the original parts so you can replace parts of the old steel exhaust with stainless as theyre required i you prefer.
    Theyre a beautiful piece of kit, and we sell them with all the gaskets, fittings and seals you'll need.

    Intermediate pipe comes with a boss to fit the Lambda probe on Cat equipped vehicles so you can lose the cat and keep the probe.


    Webshop Link


  • FAG rear bearings back in stock!

    After supply went a little sketchy, we now have an imminent deliveryof the FAG Rear bearings.


  • 2012 calenders just landed


    On sale soon :)

  • You can keep your "red I"....


    Because we now have the brickwerks "Brown I" conversion!

    We've just had the shop van remapped after we fitted the new, modified nozzles. Other mods include the 150hp style front mounted intercooler, EGR delete and 70mm straight through exhaust, oh and a single mass flywheel conversion.
    We've not gone nuts with the mapping, just a steady increase to improve performance but to stay in the realms of longevity, economy and reliability.
    Thanks to John at KTL remapping for spending more time than he needed to, to it perfect.

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