• T3 Tyre Pressure Stickers... all of them!

    Its a question we get asked quite often... "what should my tyre pressures be?"


    If you have anything but original steel or alloy wheels its a very difficult question to answer, but if you're still running the wheels that VW fitted then its not too difficult because VW like all other manufacturers would have put a sticker somewhere on the vehicle to tell you.
    Of course, with any 20+ year old vehicle theres a good chance that the sticker has been removed, so we started looking at all the different variants of the tyre pressure sticker on vehicles that came into the workshop... there are a few!
    There isnt much information from VW about which were fitted to what, and when, so we've had to make some educated guesses based on what we've seen. We're not saying its 100% accurate, but its what we think...
    There are 7 different styles that we've seen... heres what we think is a definitive list of all the stickers on all the different types over the years.

    Early 2WD - Steel Wheels
    Early 2WD - Steel and Alloy Wheels
    Late 2WD - Steel and Alloy Wheels
    Syncro 14" - "Small"
    Syncro 14" - "Large"
    Syncro 16" - "Small"
    Syncro 16" - "Large"

    The early and late 2 Wheel drive seem to coincide roughly with the point that the suspension changed from "Early" to "Late". Simple enough. So theres an Early sticker for 2WD with steel wheels, and one for the optional Factory Alloys with larger tyres.

    Late 2WD is simple. One sticker to cover them all... steel and alloy wheels.
    Syncro... 2 different types for each model - 14" and 16". Absolutely no way of telling which years had small and which had the large style, it seems completely random.
    The Syncro stickers are also interesting as theyre a mirrored finish rather than a flat silver like the 2WD... maybe something to do with the fact that they were produced in  Austria... who knows.

    So there they are. Now you know as much as we do.
    We must stress that these are for ORIGINAL VW wheels with the factory recommended tyre sizes. Anything non original the tyre pressures will vary.
    We've spent a little while working on the artwork to reproduce them and theyre all available on the links above.



  • Oh Easter...

    That's crept up on us!
    Obviously we'll have loads of eggs to eat and that, so we'll need to close for a couple of days to fit them all in.
    So, Good Friday and Easter Monday are the official Bank Holidays. We'll be closed until Tuesday the 22nd April.
    We'll be shipping orders until we close tomorrow, Royal Mail stuff may be delivered on the Saturday but the UPS parcels wont be delivered until Tuesday.
    Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend no matter what youre doing!



  • Hannover Edition...

    Sometimes, the workshop booking stack up just right...


  • It sometime surprises us... much is still available for the T3. We're definately spoilt compared to even 10 years ago with the good quality parts that are available. I remember my younger days of running beetles and T2's and the only stuff available was cheap [email protected] that didnt fit and generally didnt last until the next MOT.

    Check this panel out! Genuine VW and still readily available!





    Its that time of year again....
    Time to Deck the Halls with something and Tra-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la-laaaa.

    Its also fast approaching the annual Christmas shutdown for Brickwerks.
    A time when we take a few days off to reflect on the year past and the new year approaching. A time to eat some pies and drink some ale and eat some more pies.

    Maybe Angus will pull a few crackers...

    So, we'll be closed from Christmas Eve (thats the 24th December!), and we wont re-open officially until January the 2nd.
    By then we'll be fully refreshed and raring to go.

    As far as the webshop goes, the "landlord" will call "last orders" at around midday on MONDAY 23rd December.
    UPS will collect that day and will endeavor to deliver on Christmas Eve.

    All orders placed after then will be picked, packed and shipped on the 2nd of January.

    We'd all like to take this opportunity to wish our customers the very merriest of Christmases and a fantastic New Year, and thank you all for your support previously and in the future.

    Next year we will continue to supply only the best quality parts for your VW, and continue to provide our workshop customers with that unique "Brickwerks Experience" :)

    The Brickwerks Team

  • Just a little test... (5 speed Gear Lever Parts)

    We often get enquiries asking for "that doobrey on the whatsit... you know... next to the thingy...". This often results in us emailing a parts diagram and then identifying the part from the response...
    There is a baffling variety of names for many parts, so its not always easy to know whats needed when someone asks for the "wibbling wobble valve"

    So with clickable images, this example for the 14mm 5 speed gear lever and associated parts, you can just click and it will take you to the part.

    We'll see how we get on with the over 20,964 parts!

    Gear Lever Boot Surround Gear lever repair kit - T3 [14mm] Gear lever repair kit - T3 [14mm] Gear lever bellows - 5spd Pressure Spring - T3 5 Speed Gear Lever Clinch Bolt - T3 5 Speed Gear Lever Gear lever cap- 5spd Bolt - T3 Gear Lever to Selector Shaft also T4 Ball for gearlever detent - T3 5spd Selector lever guide - T3 5 spd [PAIR] Gearlever - T3 5 speed Right hand Drive
  • Brickwerks at Busfest [Vanfest as was]


    It's that time again, the biggest event on the van owning communities calendar is on this weekend.

    As usual we'll have our stall in the Wye hall in our usual spot W67 (or so we are told)

    And, as usual we have no idea what to do! it was simple in the halcyon days, we took most of what we had, it fitted in the back of our Caddy pick up, perched on the end of our friends stall and all was nice and simple but as time went on we grew and had more stock we had to take more stock to a point where we were taking 2 vans and a trailer rammed to the gunnels.

    Sods law dictates that people would come and ask for the parts we didn't bring and as time went on sales at the event declined even in the short time we've been trading. [parts are easily bought from the internet now negating the need to go shows to buy parts]

    Coupled to the fact we have to shut the workshop, take a day packing the vans, work all weekend, not see our young families as well as go back to work on Monday and put what's left back on the shelf and re-order what we have sold... It's not really worth us trading.


    As the show has turned into a more social event we thought we would change our stall into a more social event too. So this year we will have a scant selection of parts to display only, however we are cordially inviting our customers to pop by, say hello and share a beer with us.

    Our friends at Thirstin Brewhouse have kindly brewed us a barrel of beer to serve up at the show just for our customers so please pop by, say hello, grab a free beer on us and without the distraction of selling parts we'll be there on hand to answer any technical question you may have about your vans.


    To save you a bit of postage we have the Busfest collection shipping method enabled on the webshop allowing you to place and pay for your orders online and collect your parts from the event.

  • Steering UJ For Power Steering Models - T3/LT

    Seems like we're finally getting on top of these... after "loosing" a few to customers who would rather lose the surcharge than return them to us to be reconditioned.
    We've had to increase the surcharge on them for this reason.


    Just to explain... we send these off to be rebuilt so we can offer them as a rebuilt unit - Secondhand ones are incredibly hard to find, new ones are long obsolete. We need a "core unit" in exchange so we can get that one rebuilt and put it back on the shelf for the next time its needed.
    Its frustrating when someone buys one and doesnt return their old one, because the value to them as a "spare" (even though its worn) is higher than the surcharge they'll lose.

    So, the surcharge is

  • Look, it's like this..

    ..we're shutting for a couple of days, no one has died, we haven't had a fire or a flood, we're just having a couple of days off!

    So, Friday the 28th of June and Monday 1st of July not much will happen here, sorry!

    It's quite cool though because we're going to Wolfsburg for the 75th anniversary of the town. Yey!


    We will be posting things on for the last time before the break on Thursday 26th of June.

    All the backlog [stock pending] will leave Tuesday the 2nd of July.

    Currywurst here we come!

  • UPS Delivery Rates Now sorted!


    International customers may have noticed that the shipping rates being quoted by the webshop were a bit... "bonkers"

    Hopefully this little bug has been ironed out now and things should be a little more sensible :)

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