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  • And here starts the nightmare.


    Simple job, import van, just come in from Lapland.
    We're just going through it undoing the "modifications" (in the loosest sense) and generally getting it ready for UK use.
    One of the problems is quite simple, the front side lights don't work.
    Anyone spot the problem yet?
    Yes, we can't get the grille off, so we can't take the head lights out so we can't change the bulbs without unbolting the clothes horse off the front.
    Deep joy. Simple job we don't normally charge for turns into an hours labour!

  • Recent MOT pass...

    Back Plates. Rotten.
    Brake Lines. Rotten.
    Brake Flexis. Perished.
    Brake Shoes. Worn.
    Brake Drums. Worn.

    And this is many peoples only Annual inspection and some vehicles aren't even required to have it!



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