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Last update 5th May 2020

Just a little test... (5 speed Gear Lever Parts)

We often get enquiries asking for "that doobrey on the whatsit... you know... next to the thingy...". This often results in us emailing a parts diagram and then identifying the part from the response...
There is a baffling variety of names for many parts, so its not always easy to know whats needed when someone asks for the "wibbling wobble valve"

So with clickable images, this example for the 14mm 5 speed gear lever and associated parts, you can just click and it will take you to the part.

We'll see how we get on with the over 20,964 parts!

Gear Lever Boot Surround Gear lever repair kit - T3 [14mm] Gear lever repair kit - T3 [14mm] Gear lever bellows - 5spd Pressure Spring - T3 5 Speed Gear Lever Clinch Bolt - T3 5 Speed Gear Lever Gear lever cap- 5spd Bolt - T3 Gear Lever to Selector Shaft also T4 Ball for gearlever detent - T3 5spd Selector lever guide - T3 5 spd [PAIR] Gearlever - T3 5 speed Right hand Drive
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