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Last update 5th May 2020

How thick is your....

Random question of the morning. A customer looking for a bumper for their T3.
They've seen "cheaper" ones (often not much cheaper) and wanted to compare the quality...
We stock the "Heavy Duty" bumpers. They're the only ones we stock.
The cheaper aftermarket ones are around 1.3mm at their thickest point, these are 3.0mm on the black and 2.5mm on the Chrome.
Originals are around 1.8mm.
Of course that means they're a bit heavier than the wafer thin ones. Thats no bad thing really.

So... don't be afraid to ask about the thickness of those parts you'll be told are "all the same". All bumpers we're not created equally, even if the price suggests they were :)

Front Bumper
Rear Bumper
Chrome Front Bumper