Hall of shame

  • Recent MOT pass...

    Back Plates. Rotten.
    Brake Lines. Rotten.
    Brake Flexis. Perished.
    Brake Shoes. Worn.
    Brake Drums. Worn.

    And this is many peoples only Annual inspection and some vehicles aren't even required to have it!



  • One for you syncro owners..








    Usual thing, what starts as a simple job soon spreads, can of worms truly opened!

    This started as changing a rear wheel cylinder, then a link pipe, then a flexy, then the pipe above the gearbox that's hidden by the front nose cone.

    Luckily all parts in stock and soon remedied!

  • Spot the difference.

    T3 D/TD Engine Mounting

    Customer came today with "a horrible vibration" [snigger] on his T3 Syncro TDI, luckily for him we sorted his mounting and lifted his engine back up where it's meant to be and not sitting on the under tray.


  • VW T3 Trailing arm repair

    We recently had a van in for a service, usual thing, customer wanted loads of unimportant jobs doing but had neglected the important jobs.

    Once the van was here it was decided we best check the van over and get a list of faults, one of which was the trailing arm spring perches had dropped off.

    Anyway, we couldn't let the customer out of the workshop with a van like this as any speed bump or pot hole could see a loud "twang" and the rear springs dancing around in the road!

    DSC_0246 Here you see that the raised section has completely corroded away and was just rattling around inside the spring.

    DSC_0247 Plucked out for you to see!

    DSC_0248 Here you can see the other side is not much better, hanging on like a 6 year old child's front tooth!

    DSC_0249 The spring perch is only held on with a few spot welds, we just usually chisel them off, it doesn't take much. As you can see in the middle there was a small corroded hole in the centre. Hole obviously welded up and ground flat.

    DSC_0250 Then, we treated the area with a rust killing solution, etch primed, primed and then painted black.

    DSC_0251 We also painted the underside of the trailing arm repair section, let it dry and then offered the repair up to the arm using some M6 set screws through the holes in the plate to get it in the correct position. After this we use a wire brush in the drill to remove the paint through the hole ready for welding.

    DSC_0252 After welding the welds are again ground flat and the panel etch primed, primed and painted. Once dry we then underseal on top and then refit.


  • Still Think tyre load ratings don't matter?

    We see it all the time on online discussions... "I dont need to worry about load ratings, as I never fully load my Camper".


    These are car rated tyres. Rated "88" which is a MAX of 580kg per tyre - 1060kg for the axle.
    Fitted to a relatively lightweight T3 Multivan... not a full camper.

    The plated maximum axle weights are 1200kg and 1300kg for the front and rear respectively... so a rating of 98 on the rear and 90 on the front as a minimum.



  • Radius Rod Bushes... Just about the worst we've ever seen!


  • Well, we sometimes see some funny things...


    But we've never seen anyone growing onions on their dashboard before!

  • And the worrying thing is...


    This was taxed until 6 months ago!

  • Uh oh.


    Dear 16" syncro owner, I'm afraid it's like this....

    All is not lost though...
    One new set of New 16" Syncro trailing arms on the shelf ready to go!

  • Rotten radius rod.


    This is what lurks beneath your radius rod bushes. All too familiar tale here, changing these things is becoming a weekly occurrence. Trouble is that this rot has already nibbled the front Cross member resulting in a nice little welding job before we can rebuild it.

    The hole in the Cross member should be round! Eek!

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