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Gearbox / Front Diff Mount - T3 / T4 Syncro Iltis POWERFLEX

Brand new from Powerflex and tested and developed by us.

Fit T3 Syncro, T4 Syncro, Iltis.



Powerflex supply these as kits of 2 or 3 bushes depending on application, but we prefer to sell them as seperate bushes. One bush consists of 2 halves and a stainless steel sleeve.
We would always recommend changing all the mounts on one component at the same time.

T3 Syncro Front Diff will require 3x (order 3)

T3 Syncro Transmission will require 2x (order 2)

VW Iltis Engine Mounts will require 2x (order 2)

VW Iltis Diff Mounts will require 3x (order 3)

VW Itis Gearbox Mounts will require 2x (order 2)

VW T4 Rear Diff Mounts will reguire 3x (order 3)

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